7 Things All Indian Moms Can’T Wait To Hear From Their Daughters! Xyz

7 Things All Indian Moms Can’T Wait To Hear From Their Daughters! Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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There are moms, and then there are Indian moms. They are the best everything – best teachers, best critics, best fashion designers, best advisors too. You know that they are also the best at sarcasm! Whatever they say, they’re sassy and savage.

But you also know that they always have your best interests at heart. For example, when they ask you to learn how to cook, they’re doing it because they want you to learn how to survive (at least, we hope so!)

We’ve compiled a list of things that all Indian moms would love to hear you saying, because they’ve been asking you to do this for ages!

1. “Of course ma, I’m dying to learn how to make perfectly round rotis!”

Because when we have a zombie invasion, we can use these rotis as shields.

2. “Sharmaji ki beti? Nah, I got like 10 marks more than her!”

I have better friends and a better sense of humour, but yeah, marks are what matter. 🙂

3. “Boyfriend? What? Who? Me? No way!”

How can you even think that of me? I’m all about the girls!

4. “No, ma, I don’t want a girlfriend either!”

What could be worse than having a boyfriend? That’s right. Having a girlfriend!

5. “You want me to drop all my plans and visit a random relative I’ve never even met? Sure!”

School has taught us how to be experts on sleeping with our eyes open.

6. “Ma, I’m not going to be just any engineer/doctor. I’m going to be the best in the country!”

Liberal arts? Pfssh. That’s for those artsy, angsty types.

7. “Ma, I’m coming home from the party at 6pm. I’d never come back as late as 10pm!”

Say this, and you’re set for the next two centuries. Go get that 5000 Rupees Lakme lipstick you’ve always wanted!

These are stereotypes, we know. Not all moms are like this or want the same things from you! But. All jokes apart, we love our moms and are probably going to end up saying the almost same things to our children too! Share it with your friends and other moms and brighten up their day! 🙂











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