7 Things Only A Gujju Mom Will Do Xyz

7 Things Only A Gujju Mom Will Do Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Mothers annoy us to the moon and back, but they are equal parts adorable. We love them too much to be mad at them for more than a minute. Mothers are everything to us. No matter how much we fight with them, no matter all the countless arguments that we have with them, no matter all the scolding received from them, we can’t live without them.

There are always certain things which are specific to certain mothers. If you are a Gujarati, you might be able to relate to a few of these things that only a Gujju mom will do:

1. Their ‘jamana’ stories.

This is one thing you will get to hear from all moms, not just gujju ones. ‘Mara jamana ma’ meaning – ‘in my generation’ or ‘in my times’. After using this three-word phrase, they will go on about their rant of how you are not a model kid, or how they faced so many hardships in their life when they were young. This is a never ending tirade which only ends with you apologizing for mistakes you aren’t even aware of. Kudos to all Gujju kids out there!

2. A sweet breakfast.

Your mom showers you with a lot of love and shows the same amount of love while showering excessive calories on you, for breakfast. No matter how much you tell your darling mother that you are on a diet and would prefer healthy and light food. She’s still going to give you Jalebi, Gathiya and Fafda. Your mom makes these things so good that you forget outside food and even your diet commitments at times!

3. Mum, what’s for Lunch?

If you have a Gujju mom then you will (without any doubts) receive this answer for the above-mentioned question. “Rotli daar bhaat shaak”. Yes, that’s right. Make no mistake; you will receive that answer in the same order and monotone.

4. Leftover Food; Vaghar it.

‘Vaghar’ meaning ‘Tadka’. If there is some leftover food from the previous night, you are definitely going to get it the next morning with a little tadka. Why take pains for making something else in the breakfast, right moms? A little chilli and pepper can make stale food taste like something out of a Chinese bistro.

5. Thepla tin

No matter where you are or who you are with, thepla will never leave you. Even if you are going out somewhere with your family or for any function, there will always be a tin full of theplas in your mother’s handbag. Well, just in case.

6. Tu Revande…

One of those days when you wake up and feel like helping your mother in the kitchen or in her household chores, you get a ‘Tu Revade’. Simply meaning, you let it be. That is not all though. That phrase has a more than just an implied message of how incompetent you are or how well you mess up things. Hence, tu revade.

7. Badha manmani karo!

You’d hear this phrase at least thrice in a day from your mother. You put one toe out of line and your mom goes ‘Badha manmani karo!’ on you. Sometimes even if you don’t really do anything wrong, they’d say this phrase because, well, mothers.











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