7 Things Only Your Husband Knows About You

7 Things Only Your Husband Knows About You

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Marriage is basically a sleepover between two people for the rest of their lives. Whether it is an arranged marriage or not, when a couple gets hitched, they start to learn things about each other that other people in their lives probably don’t know. Married couples spend almost everyday together and in that journey they stumble upon details about their spouse.

Here are 7 things only your husband will know about you.

1. Your true self

There is only so long that you can put on your best act in front of your husband, as eventually the true you is bound to come out. He will soon see the no-nonsense, laid back or upbeat you who probably only your parents have seen. He knows who you really are at 2am and at 2pm.

2. Your passions

All that your heart desires, he knows about, either because you told him in passing conversation or because he figured it out (sometimes husbands are smarter than we think). He knows where you see yourself in 5 years and he also knows what you would be doing if you didn’t need to go to work. He knows you through and through.

3. How you express your feelings

Most people might believe your smile when you say you’re fine, but not your husband. He knows your happy dance moves and he also knows what you do when you’re frustrated. Trying to hide your feelings from him is pointless because chances are, he can read the look on your face and figure out what you’re feeling.

4. Your happy space

He absolutely hates seeing you sad and in all likeliness has a strategic plan all ready to go the minute he finds out you’re upset. He knows where to get your favourite takeout from and exactly what brand of chocolate will do the trick. He knows whether to take you out for a long, calming drive or if you’d rather spend the night.

5. When you need your space

This is a little tricky for a lot of husbands, but they usually get the idea after a lot of trial and error (and pissing you off). They figure out when you need your space and know just how much to involve themselves and when to back off.

6. Your limits

Your husband knows exactly how far to push things with you. He also knows your pressure points and your weak spots. Like we said before, he knows you through and through. If he wants something from you, he knows how to ask you and when to ask you.

7. Your fears

From the small ‘I’m afraid of the dark’ fears till the existential crisis fears, your husband is well aware of them all. He not only knows them, but also knows how to help you when you are faced with these fears. He never judges nor belittles your fears because he is pretty much the best husband ever.