7 Things To Expect When Youre In Labour

7 Things To Expect When Youre In Labour

25 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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It is an undeniable fact that becoming a mother is a life-changing experience for a woman. The entire phase from being an expectant mother to undergoing the labour to finally delivering the new life to this world is an experience which is something beyond explanation in simple words. Any woman who is pregnant will have continuous thoughts and apprehensions when it comes to labour. In spite of all the physical and emotional upheavals that she is undergoing during the nine months period, her mind is pretty active and constantly buzzing with that one big question and giving several answers to the same. And that one question is “What to expect during labour?”

My answer to all expectant mothers is that “Labour” is one memorable experience which you should not miss, unless and until you don’t have choice but to go for a caesarean delivery. Think about the “fruit of your labour” and that itself will beautifully give you the strength to go for it and it is definitely worth every bit.

So what all happens when in labour? No need to be shy about it because you need to go by the logic that majority of the women folk who have become mothers have definitely had all of these experiences or perhaps more. Without further ado let’s talk more on this topic.

1. Birth plan:

These days most expectant moms sit with their gynaecologists and discuss about a birth plan. Thanks to easy availability of information online, moms-to-be are aware of various kinds of birthing techniques like for example water-birthing, wherein you deliver in a pool of warm water while being assisted by capable medical personnel. They may want to go in for that. Be frank about your plans and talk with your care-giver, spouse and family. However, remember one thing, it is good to plan but be prepared for surprises at the last moment. Hence, all the while you need to be calm and patient.

2. Peeing and Pooping:

When in labour, women can go through periods of peeing or pooping. Trust me there is nothing to be embarrassed about. The care-givers in the labour room will clean it up without a smirk. It is a pretty routine job for them. Just imagine, in a crowded government-funded hospital wherein numerous deliveries take place in any given day where most of the women who deliver come from economically lower back-grounds, what might be the situation? Medical personnel have to be patient while they help out in a delivery.

3. Water-break:

The fluid-filled amniotic sac which protects your baby all this while will rupture or break leading to women experiencing a sudden gush of liquid and this is called water-breaking. It is colourless and odourless, however, if a colour like green, yellow or brown is noticed then alert your doctor immediately without fail. Only in few rare cases the sac will remain intact until the time of delivery.

4. Contractions:

The uterus needs to tighten and relax as it readies itself to deliver the baby and these movements are called contractions which aid in pushing the baby through the cervix which is a tubular structure connecting the uterine portion to the vagina. Due to these contractions, there will be pressure originating at your back and will move to the front. However, these contractions are not a confirmed indication of labour. Only if you experience contractions which last over a minute, every five minutes for a period of one hour, are you technically in labour.

5. Minor injuries to cervix and vaginal tissue:

When the actual delivery happens, the cervix and vaginal tissue may tear leading to minor injuries and can be easily repaired. Moms-to-be should be mentally prepared for any such eventuality. In rare cases, these lacerations maybe be severe and can lead to a long-term problem.

6. Pain:

Be mentally strong to deal with the pain and pressure if you have decided to go in for a delivery without epidural. Yes, you are doing a brave thing here! However for the ones who opt for epidural, stay rest assured, you are second to none!

7. Long hours:

Labour can sometimes last for long durations like 14 hours and more. Just be calm and go with the flow. There are people to support you during the entire process.

Well, I guess we have talked quite a bit about labour. Like I said earlier, a mother-to-be should be very calm during labour because this entire phase from being an expectant mom to finally delivering a baby is very challenging. There can also be some unfortunate incidents like a miscarriage or for that matter delivering a still-born baby, a blue-baby, a baby with special needs or birth deformities, etc can be tough to handle for the mother and her family. It is important that a mother-to-be should always have positive thoughts and in case of an unexpected surprise, just assure yourself that you will come out of it and some day win that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is rightfully yours. Always be cheerful!











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