7 Things You Miss About Home Once Youre Married

7 Things You Miss About Home Once Youre Married

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Your home, where you’ve lived as long as you can remember. The four walls that sheltered you from the rain and shaded you from the harsh sun, where you spent nights crying and glorious evenings, laughing and cheering. You need to leave these four walls of familiarity and comfort, once, you get married. Such is life, unfair and ever changing. Every now and then you fantasise about vacationing at your maternal home. You never know what you have until it is gone and so is the case with your home sweet home.

Here are 7 little things about your home you will miss in a big way:

1. Mummy’s Food

home made food

‘Maa ke haath ka khana’, you will miss it with all your heart. Once you get married, when you have to cook and make the kitchen, your home, you will miss your mother’s smile as she brought out food on the table. The simplicity of her food was where the magic lied. She wouldn’t eat until you ate; her rotis, her rice, your home was heaven and her food was divine.

2. Sleeping in

sleeping beauty

You know that feeling when you just don’t want to wake up? Well, say goodbye to sleeping late and waking up to breakfast, all ready and awaiting you. When you get married, you need to be up with the sun and wake everyone else. You will miss the feel of your bed and just how warm and safe you felt, wrapped up in your blanket till the late hours of the day.

3. Your Siblings

lisa bashing bart's head, sibling love

The push and pull, the love and hate. There’s no one quite like your sibling. You will miss them terribly. They were your constant companions, your worst enemies but most of all, they were always there. You will miss spending every waking minute with them, no matter how much they annoyed you, beat you up or even ratted you out to mummy or daddy.

4. Daddy’s Words of Wisdom

phil dunphy words of wisdom

When your dad sat down with you and helped sort your problems out, oh how much you will miss it. You will miss your dad’s warmth, his hugs and just how safe you felt because you knew your dad was never going to leave your side. The whole world could stand up against you but your dad would be willing to fight them all. You will miss your most trusted adviser, your pillar of strength.

5. No Chores

donald washing dishes

You will miss not having to get things done. The dishes, the clothes and whatever little errands you will run once, you are married. Before you tied the knot, things were rather simple and you weren’t even required to move in order to have anything you wished for. In your new home, though, things are quite the contrary, everything only gets done if you are the one doing it. You will miss whiling away your time.

6. No Budgeting, No Bills

on a budget

Responsibility, something you think you might have had before you got married. The truth of the matter is that you have never known responsibility until you are married. The bills, the budgeting, it will take away a major chunk of your day. Having to decide how much money goes into buying what will be a constant pain but something you won’t be able to get rid of. You will miss not having to care about each and every penny.

7. Being Yourself

be yourself

Although, you try to put your best foot forward in every aspect of marriage, it may seem to you like you are not good enough. You will find yourself trying to be someone else in order to please your in laws or even your own husband! What’s sad is that you will forget who you really are, your hobbies, your talents, everything may be sidelined in the journey into finding marital bliss. You will miss who you were when you were allowed to soar free.

It is a given that things after marriage will not be the same. This is however, not a bad thing. Change is the only thing that is constant. You may miss your home, your mummy and daddy, your annoying brother or sister but remember, home is just a phone call away.

Visit home when it all gets too much and I promise, you will feel better.











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