7 Things You Miss About Your First Year Of Marriage

7 Things You Miss About Your First Year Of Marriage

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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The first year of your marriage is one of the most special years of your life. It is when you had all the fun like you both were still careless and young, and mistakes seemed to be minor and forgiven easily. Though, nothing will compare to the joy you felt waking up beside your loved one every morning. Unfortunately, this magical feeling tends to fade away over the years as reality starts to set in. Here are 7 things you are bound to miss the most about your first year of marriage.

1. Your honeymoon

A couple’s honeymoon is the most amazing experience of their lives. It is the first vacation you two have gone on alone. It’s your first experience together as Mr. and Mrs and a time to proudly announce to the same to everyone you meet during this time. If you had an arranged marriage, this will be like an icebreaker between the two of you.

2. The new titles

This applies more to the women than to the men. After marriage, you take on the title of Mrs.(Husband’s Last Name) and for the first year, it feels weird when people call you by your hubby’s last name. You might not even respond! But you’ll get used to it.

3. Your in-laws

This can go either way. You’ll have the most amazing time with your new set of parents or the worst! Over time though, your relationship with your in-laws becomes more or less neutral and you respect them no matter what!

4. Sexual experiments

As a newly married couple, sexual experiments are sure to be at their peak. This is also the time when the most couple tries out their fantasies with each other. During the first year of marriage, everything is new, so it makes things that much easier to talk about.

5. ‘Husband and Wife’

For the first couple of weeks, you’ll probably have random outbursts like “I am married” or “I have a husband?”. It will be a new feeling to call your spouse your wife or husband, and it will feel exhilarating calling them ‘my husband’ or ‘my wife’. Unfortunately, the rush you get out of this will eventually go.

6. Talking about your wedding

This is something every couple does. No matter how many times you tell yourself you will not be ‘that couple’, you will inevitably spend at least 10 minutes speaking about your wedding to each and every person you meet. That will, unfortunately (fortunate for those who have to listen to the same stories almost every day) stop after a year, as you’ll have new memories to talk about.

7. Your 1st wedding anniversary

This will be the most special and memorable anniversary celebration. You will have huge plans and no other anniversary will ever be as special and close to your heart.











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