7 Things You’Ll Get If Your Sister Is A Cool Maasi

7 Things You’Ll Get If Your Sister Is A Cool Maasi

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Having a sister is the best thing in the world! She’s your best friend, partner in crime, constant listener and shoulder to cry on. You can count on her, whatever the situation and she’ll have your back.

1. Lots of gifts

Your sister just always walks with bags in both her hands and your kids jump right at her every time they see her! She loves to spoil them and buys them lots of candy, cute onesies and toys. You have asked her to stop overspending on her godchildren about a million times, but she won’t have any of it.

2. Frees up her schedule for them

Even though she has a busy life with never ending office work or a huge social circle, she always makes time for your kids! She likes being as involved with them as she can manage to.

3. Your kids *LOVE* her

Your little kids get all excited and scream with joy whenever they meet her and they have a gala time together! They always create a fuss when it’s time to part and you give a hard time when she’s leaving.

4. She’s an amazing storyteller

You only discovered this side of her after having kids. She tells your young ones amazing stories, sometimes even originals, to keep them entertained and give them life lessons at the same time! And she’s so good at it, so charismatic and enchanting that once she starts narrating, your kids just sit and listen to whatever she has to say with wonder and awe. It’s all just super sweet to watch, and there’s nothing you would change about it.

5. Buys them things you don’t

Be it that doll set house or that box of cars, or that cute dress, she’s the first person your kids call when they want something that you refuse to give them, probably because they already have more than enough! But she always brings them whatever they want, because what else are maasis even for, right?

6. She takes them out

She’s not only a regular visitor, but also takes your kids out in the sun to have some fun! She plans a lot of day outings to the amusement park or malls to spend fun days with your children. She takes them to all their favorite places to eat, and always buys them ice cream and chocolate at the end!

7. Guides them

Your kids have a special bond with her, and she’s their secret keeper. This can especially be seen if you have teenage kids. They’re more open with her and consider her as their go-to person. And you know that they are in good hands as she gives them the best possible advice!











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