7 Things Your Husband Does To Support You In Your Career

7 Things Your Husband Does To Support You In Your Career

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Let’s face it, in this economy, being married, being a mother and working just don’t blend well. You would mostly crumble up if it weren’t for that one person who’s always beside you, with his bad sense of humour and romanticism, your husband helps you move a step further every day.

Here are 10 things your husband does that you just can’t ask more of.

1. He makes his own sandwich

husband helping wife

You know those times when work was just unbearable? You felt like it was never ending and on your way back you kept worrying if your husband had had his dinner. He somehow managed to surprise you and cook it, not only for himself but for the entire family. He’s got your back when it comes to your health and he isn’t going to let that stop you from your goals.

2. He doesn’t compare workloads

husband and wife working together

He understands that you job is just as important and as difficult as his job. He does not compare the two and does not find a way to prove that his job is superior, but he tries to understand your job and doesn’t just demean it.

3. He understands your problems

understanding husband

He does not tell you that your problems are small and meaningless. He takes the time to listen to you and tells you what is right and what is wrong, but most times sides with you because he loves you.

4. He’s your complaint box

complaint box

He sits up at night listening to you rant about your work and the people at your office and he doesn’t complain about it. He knows you’re frustrated and need to vent out your problems, he’s there for you and will still love you once you’re done.

5. He looks after the kids

husband looking after kids

When you need your peace and quiet, when you need your time to focus; you can always count on him to keep the kids away and well. That’s all provided he doesn’t unleash his inner fun loving childish self in the process

6. He’s your last minute Hero

superman husband

For all those times you’ve forgotten your important documents at home, and forgot to turn off a switch that would drive your crazy, forgotten to mail our your files , he’s got you back.

7. He’s there for you, even when you don’t need him

husband is pillar of support

At the day’s end, you know he’s always there waiting at home being faithful. That’s the best thing he could ever possibly do for you, just be there for you. He’s your rock through stormy times.











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