7 Things Your Husband Wants To Hear From You

7 Things Your Husband Wants To Hear From You

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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In a marriage there are many things that go unsaid and that’s okay if it works for you. But sometimes it would be great to hear the a few things that will brighten up the day. Here are a few things that a husband wants to hear from his favorite woman. If you already tell him all these things every often so, then I’m sure you have a happy married life. But if you don’t, it is time you start. These might be a few words sentence but the power that have is huge.

1. “I’m sorry.”

Something as simple as accepting your mistake can be very nice to hear and is only polite. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s not uncommon, so there is nothing wrong in admitting and apologising for it. You don’t always have to be the owner of the ‘sorry jar’. Fill some in his jar by apologising for the mistakes you make. It’ll make him feel so much better and strengthen your relationship.

2. “Thank you.”

Isn’t it nice to be thanked when you help someone out? Then don’t deprive your loved ones of this word. Say ‘thank you’ and appreciate the effort he puts into helping you out. Don’t forget to thank him when he reaches out for the jar of pickle on the top shelf or when he cuts the vegetables for you. They’re small things, but his help makes your work easier, doesn’t it.

3. “You look good today.”

Call him out when he looks hot in a suit or when he look like a chocolate boy in his casual tee-shirt and jeans. He is for sure going to blush and giggle at you when you say this. As this is a rare sentence for him to hear, he will be on cloud nine. Make your husband feel good just by these four words.

4. “I trust you.”

These three words mean more than “I love you” in a marriage. Trust is one of the solid pillars that marriage stands on. Broaden his chest a little more with these words. While making a decision, listen to his opinion and just say these magical words and he will fall in love with you all over again.

5. “Could you please fix this.”

All men like to feel wanted. Although you are an expert at fixing things around the house, ask him to fix something. Your husband loves to be the handy man who helps you and takes care of his family, his favorite people. So, let him.

6. “I’m ready, let’s go.”

This is something he would never expect from you, so surprise him sometimes by getting ready to go out even before he tells you to go get ready. Don’t give him a chance to blame you the next time you both are late for a movie. We can guarantee you he will take you out for more outings and dates after this.

7. “I love you and I miss you.”

Last but not the least, tell him you love him and that you are really happy he is your husband. When he is out on a trip or a business trip, call him up, tell him you miss him and that there’s a surprise waiting for him when he comes back. It’ll get his engine running and he will love you so much for it.

These are just a few things that he loves and wants to hear from you. Make him feel special whenever you can, as he deserves it.











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