7 Times You Realised You Are Turning Into Your Mom

7 Times You Realised You Are Turning Into Your Mom

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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You tried your best to avoid it. Prolonged it for as long as you could, but genetics still got a hold of you anyway. It’s that moment when you are faced with the brutal truth…..when you realise you have indeed become your mom. Yes, this happens to all mothers and for others, they’re getting there. It’s almost never a happy realization because you know this only means you’re getting old. Here are a few signs that make you think, “ Oh no, I’ve become my mom!”.

1. When your ideal night is watching your favourite show in the comfort of your home

Yes, it’s no longer late night parties, or a night out with friends because you realise that requires getting up, getting dressed and spending an unnecessary amount of money. You no longer regret not going out for that party at your friend’s place.This is the time when practicality starts hitting you.

2. When you ask people to wait till you find your glasses and put it on

You never thought a pair of some spectacles would ever make the cut on your list of accessories. Well, now it’s something we just can’t avoid.

3. You remind people to always carry a jacket for when it get’s chilly

You have heard your mom say this time and again and well, now you have begun to realise her concern. You often find yourself saying, “Now, you don’t want to catch a cold do you?”. Every time those words come out of your mouth, you find yourself replaying it in your head in your mom’s voice.

4. Your purse is now a pharmacy

Being always prepared is something you learned from your mom. So much so that it has been ingrained in you and you have begun to think like her, and rightly so. You never know when disaster could strike. Your child could fall and hurt himself/herself. So, you keep a packet of bandaids ready or a paracetamol handy for anyone who may need it. You basically have an entire pharmacy in your purse and you don’t regret it at all.

5. You can’t stand loud music at night anymore

Really, why would someone throw a party so late in the night? Don’t they realise there are people who have work the next day and need to sleep? How inconsiderate today’s youth have become! You will find yourself either saying or thinking all of these things a lot more than you did before.

6. You just cannot stand wasting things

You find yourself going to every room switching off the lights, grumbling about the value of saving electricity. You no longer throw away food. How could you?! There are hungry people all over the world and hence no morsel in your house can find its way into the garbage. Last night’s leftovers can easily become today’s lunch.

7. You find yourself blurting out the exact same lines you hated growing up to

“When you’re a mom you will understand”, “You will thank me for this one day”, and “If you live under my roof, you follow my rules”. Ugh! How you hated these lines growing up. However, you now not only use them, but also understand them. Yes mom, now that I am a mom, I do understand.











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