7 Unspoken Things That Happen To Women After Giving Birth Xyz

7 Unspoken Things That Happen To Women After Giving Birth Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Amidst all the chaos of parenting and adapting to motherhood, mommies forget themselves completely. Dedication towards baby is all fine but they are mostly unaware of the things that are going to come their way.

Here are a few of those things that happen post-pregnancy:


You will experience a very heavy and painful period which is known as Lochia. You’ll probably have to use maternity pads to keep the flow of control. Initially, the colour of the bleeding will be red and slowly it will change to deeper brown. It mostly continues for about 2-6 weeks after giving birth to a baby. It doesn’t matter which method you used to give birth, but this is surely going to happen to you.

2. Horrible pooping disasters

The first time a mother has to take a dump, after giving birth is practically every mother’s nightmare. It is so horribly painful normally, imagine the plight of the moms who haven’t been well hydrated and avoided stool softeners. Many hospitals make sure the mom poops before she goes home. She has to stay at the hospital till she takes a dump so that the pain subsides.

3.You hate your partner

Although your partner has been very supportive throughout your pregnancy weeks, you’re going to hate him no matter what. It is nobody’s fault actually, it’s just because the mom is getting used to being 24/7 on her toes. Since the mother is the one who is the closest to the baby, most of her time will be occupied by the baby. She is just accepting the fact and getting real.

4.Feeling blue

This is known as the postpartum phase in which the hormones are full-fledged taking control of your body system. It makes you feel depressed and really sad. You’ll end up crying about things that never even bothered you before like not finding your socks to match with your dress.

5. Pain

Depending on the method you chose to give birth, you will experience pain in your body. So, if you had a cesarean, you will feel an excruciating amount of pain and discomfort for weeks together!But if you experience too much pain, report it to your doctor immediately.

6.Your Vagina

Vaginal birth can be terrifying as most women end up having a tear in their vagina while trying to push the baby out! (OUCH!! That sounds painful!) These tears take some time to heal but they are going to be very uncomfortable especially when you pee.


When you’ve just had a baby, you do know that you’re never alone in your life anymore. But have you ever wondered why you felt so off lately especially during the early days? This is because you don’t do those things you used to do anymore. Things like spending time with your friends, watching movies with your partner and relaxing whenever you want to.

All you’re doing is trying to figure out how to become a parent.











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