7 Ways To Ensure Your Husband Is Equally Engaged In Your Marriage

7 Ways To Ensure Your Husband Is Equally Engaged In Your Marriage

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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For a marriage to be successful, the involvement of both the individuals is necessary. It is seen that women tend to initiate divorces whenever they feel hurt and aren’t able to handle things. On the other hand, a lot of men tend to walk out, leaving their families, out of anger and exasperation. In this fight, the ones who suffer the most are the children.

However, a woman can take the initiative of making things better by seeing to it that the husband is equally engaged in the marriage and that both of them are making efforts to make the marriage happy and prosperous.

We have listed a few ways to ensure that your husband is engaged in your marriage just like you are.

1. Make him feel respected and admired

Love and respect go hand in hand. When your husband feels that you admire him, his self esteem will enhance and he will put in an effort to make you feel the same. Try not to say harsh words that might hurt him and his ego. He shouldn’t do the same to you too.

2. Involve him in little household work

Asking him to feed the children and help you with some household work will make him have a sense of responsibility towards the house, the children and you. On weekends, cooking together can be fun.

3. Don’t wait to talk

In case you fight, don’t stop talking to each other or wait for him to come and sort out things. Take an initiative from your end to talk and clear everything before you land up in a big mess and make things more complicated.

4. Respect his family and gel with his friends

His parents hold great importance in his life. He will always love it when you treat his family well and spent some good time with them. Also, make him spend time with your family so at he doesn’t feel disconnected and forms a bond with your family members. Inviting his friends for dinner and hanging out with them is never a bad idea.

5. He knows that you won’t tolerate bad behaviour

It is necessary for him to know that he can’t disrespect you in any manner. When he knows that bad behaviour on his part won’t be tolerated, he won’t take things in a casual manner and will make attempts to make sure that things go right.

6. Maintain intimacy, both inside and outside

Lack of intimacy is one thing that husbands complain about the most. Keeping your married life spicy, with ample amount of intimacy, is always something a husband and wife appreciate. On other days, a healthy conversation and some cuddling is never a bad idea.

7. Never betray him

Betrayal is one thing no men can handle. One betrayal from your side can break everything – your married life, his trust, him, and everything. Stay loyal and stay with him. He will love you forever.

Never stop making efforts to look good. A husband will always appreciate a wife who tries to look good for him, and this works the other way around too, so encourage him to look his best too when the two of you are together. Organize small dates and spend time with each other. Those small, beautiful moments are something he will cherish throughout his lifetime.











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