7 Ways To Keep It Romantic With Your Hubby If You’Re Living In A Joint Family

7 Ways To Keep It Romantic With Your Hubby If You’Re Living In A Joint Family

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Once the honeymoon phase of a marriage ends, keeping the romance alive gets challenging. With office deadlines and tiring work schedules, finding alone time with your significant other becomes a task.And if you happen to live in a joint family, forget it! You can’t exactly be openly affectionate with each other and have to be really cautious and discreet in the house, even when you do have some time to yourself.

1. Weekend getaways


Find a weekend where the both of you have less or no workload, pack your bags and just leave town! An extended weekend with your partner is one of the best ways to reconnect on both a physical as well as on an emotional level. Head to a resort or a hill station which is close to your city and just relax together. You can also go for adventure sports or something to work up the adrenaline. Also, don’t feel guilty for not inviting your family to go with you or leaving your kids behind. It’s really okay! You are, after all, married and are entitled to some alone time with your hubby.

2. Couples Classes


Find something that the both of you like and join classes together! Finding a common hobby is not as difficult as you think. Maybe just join exercise/yoga classes together, or hit the gym a few times a week if that’s what you’re into. If you’re passionate about music or dance you can opt for classes in these fields. This will give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner while you both learn something new together and get the chance to bond over it!

3. Make the most of your private space

When everybody retires to bed at night or you otherwise get alone time in the house try to make the most of it! Don’t just sit in front of the television or laptop and ignore your partner. Talk with them every night for at least a half hour and tell each other about your respective days!

4. Dine together


Basically, try to get out of the house with your husband as often as you can. Go out for dinners or lazy weekend brunches regularly to get some space and time away from the daily household hustle bustle. This will give you a chance to get some quiet time with each other and a chance to really talk.

5. Take walks together


This is something you can do every day! The both of you should incorporate morning or night walks with each other in your schedules to get some privacy. This can be a refreshing change from your otherwise busy, noisy timetables and will rejuvenate you, together!

6. Go out with your friends


Make regular plans with your friends to go out clubbing or just to dine together! Going out with friends or other couples is very different from going out with family. The atmosphere is completely different and you can just chill together in a very relaxed environment.

7. Be spontaneous

Best for last! Always try to be spontaneous in your relationship. Plan surprises for eachother, book tickets for plays or movies that you can watch together, make him his favorite dessert or buy him something he’s had his eyes on for some time. Wear his favorite fragrance or just light some candles!











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