Top 5 Mom Bloggers who attended BabyChakra x Flipkart Event

Top 5 Mom Bloggers who attended BabyChakra x Flipkart Event

A successful working mom has to organize, plan and find the right balance between career and parenthood. We have listed Top 5 Mom Bloggers who attended the event ‘Parenting in the Internet Age’ presented by BabyChakra and Flipkart. These moms surely made the event more memorable and rocking with their presence.


1. Sneha Paliwal Tiwari

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Elegant and Fit- She surely knows how to keep up with the latest trends. She surely turns heads around with her Style and Beauty. Breaking Stereotypes is her motto. Sneha is a Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel blogger! Sneha’s passion for blogging is worth noticing. Sneha definitely knows how to keep the audience engaged by providing valuable content in Parenting, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle. In the event, she was confident and full of energy. Inspirational, isn’t she?

2. Farha

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Farha is a Digital Marketer by profession and blogging is her passion. You will find some amazing home remedies. You will love her attitude towards life and her tips on parenting. Farha is very specific about the products she uses on her baby. Her daughter Anamta is a bundle of cuteness and we love both of them. Farha advises on which baby products to use. Farha featured in the qnaindia magazine as a Lifestyle and Mom blogger. Throughout the event, she was so down to earth and so charming.


3. Shweta Singhvi

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Shweta is a micro-blogger & a Mom blogger. She is also a Travel blogger. You have to follow her for her amazing tips on parenting. She also shares many fashion ideas for all moms out there on how a simple dress can make a trendy look when paired with the right accessories. She shares pictures of her cute daughter on her profile. Adorable isn't it? In the event, she was full of energy, she was also covering the whole event.


4. Abhilasha Jaiswal

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This mom has many feathers in her cap. Abhilasha is an educationist, product reviewer, mom blogger & PR/Campaign manager. Not only that you should follow her for tips on Parenting, Personal Growth, Product Reviews. She amazingly balances being a mom and her blogging career. Abhilasha loves to write. She loves to keep her profile as real as possible. Impressive isn't it? In the event, she was not shying away from participating in the games and enjoying her self.

5. Mandavi Jaiswal

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Mandavi Jaiswal is a Lifestyle, Travel and Fashion Blogger. She loves to share her amazing Travel Diaries on her blog AnUrbanNomadic with her followers. She is a Writer, CoFounder, and Traveller. She doesn’t hesitate to make time for herself despite a busy lifestyle. She quit a well paid corporate job just to write and feel more herself. Definitely breaking stereotypes isn’t she? At the event, her energy was infectious and was on her toes throughout the event.

Moms are on the top of their game being a blogger and a devoted mother. Kudos to all the moms out there who are being the best version of themselves.



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