Activities and books for a growing infant

Activities and books for a growing infant

6 Oct 2015 | 3 min Read

Shantana Dutta

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As Vansh started sitting up and crawling, it was a huge change for me. Now along with keeping him constructively entertained I had to be very careful of his safety. The easiest way to do it was move from the bed to a mattress on the floor. But with these new skills we also had the opportunity to enjoy quite a few activities together.

One of the things I did quite early on with Vansh was to have colourful pieces of clothes (I would usually use a soft duppata) flying over his head (although I was very careful that it was a little above his reach – to avoid any issues related to strangling). He loved to watch them float around and also try to catch them.

Rattles and Stackers

We had this lovely fischer price stacker which had three different shapes (Square, Circle and triangle) as stacker rings, in very bright colours and each of them was a rattle. We used it in a way quite contrary to the one proposed, instead of him, I stacked the rings and he enjoyed knocking them down. But gradually he started trying to stack the rings (unsuccessfully most times) and a few odd times (at around 11 months or so) when he did manage to put in the rings I was more excited than him.

Music was always something Vansh enjoyed, whether it was the CD player, the ganpati visarjan music or me singing to him (even when I had a cold), it either lulled him to sleep or had him clap in glee, so when I got him a sound book I had little doubt it would not enthral him. “Wheels of the bus” was the best sound book I could think of for him since it was and still is still his favourite rhyme, we got ourselves a 4 sound book.


Sound Books


He enjoyed the rhyme and just loved it when at different intervals the other sounds played out.
Most books and toys that I have bought for my son have been through online deals or through second hand shops / groups / websites. So one time I came across a Picture changing book and it really intrigued me, I bought it and needless to say my little one loved it and I was equally fascinated by the concept. One look at the pictures and you will know why…





Over time I’ve come to realize that books for little kids need to have BRIGHT and BIG pictures with minimal text (text is for us adults, to read or build stories around what is written or beyond – each picture gives us ample opportunity to talk, much more than what is explicitly stated in the book.)
The heart of any children’s book is in the illustrations.


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