Why Is It Important for Children to Wash Their Hands With a Natural Hand Wash?

Why Is It Important for Children to Wash Their Hands With a Natural Hand Wash?

Mothers constantly worry about keeping their children safe and healthy. One of their biggest worries regarding cleanliness stems from the fact that kids like to get dirty. Their hands are always messy. They will touch everything they can and then instantly put that hand in their mouth. Been there, seen that?

When children put their hand in the mouth, they are directly exposing themselves to all the microbes they have picked from the world they live in. This is the reason children need to be educated about the importance of hand wash. A simple hand wash, done with soap and water, has been proven to effectively kill millions of germs that cause diarrhoea, cough and cold, and even very serious diseases like meningitis.

Washing is an easy, cost-effective, and convenient way of preventing common diseases that make children sick. Read on to know how using soap and water will benefit your kids all through their life.

Importance of Washing Hands

  1. It cleans dirt and other materials sticking to hand.
  2. It kills the germs that are thriving on the hands.
  3. It prevents the spread of germs from surface to another and one child to another.

An organic hand wash is better than a harsh toilet soap available in the markets. It effectively removes all the germs while protecting the hands against dryness and itching. Do not believe when someone says that only a harsh/medicated soap can properly clean the hands. That is not true; a baby-safe  soap can also do the job.

When to Wash Hands

Teach your kids to wash hands:

  1. Before eating
  2. After coming home from school/play
  3. After a session of playing with sand/clay
  4. After using the washroom
  5. After blowing the nose
  6. After a crawling session on the floor

How to Wash Hands Properly

As a parent, you have to teach your children that it is not enough to  just dip hands in the water and run away. There is a proper way of cleaning the hands and killing off the germs. Here is the method recommended by healthcare practitioners:

  1. Warm some water up for hand wash.
  2. Use a mild, natural soap (do not use antibacterial soaps) and rub it on hands to create lather.
  3. If you are using liquid soap, take it in a generous amount and rub it to create lather.
  4. It is important to keep rubbing for at least 15-20 seconds.
  5. While rubbing ensure that children clean between the fingers and under the nails, and also wash the wrists.
  6. Rinse off the soap after 20 seconds and dry with a clean towel.

Moms, make your children follow the above steps without fail. They are not difficult to follow and, with consistency, kids will remember to do it all by themselves.

Baby Chakra Pure Hand Wash for Kids

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Kids should always be encouraged to play and explore, and getting dirty is sometimes a part of that process. However, it's crucial to look after their cleanliness and health as well. There's no better time than now to teach your children proper hand hygiene measures and keep them safe from germs and viruses.

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