Is Using A Hand Sanitiser Enough To Kill Flu-Causing Germs?

Is Using A Hand Sanitiser Enough To Kill Flu-Causing Germs?

Hand sanitisers do a good job of killing all kinds of germs and leaving your hands feeling fresh and protected. They are a good alternative to finding a source of running water and soap and save you from the tedious process of washing your hands every few hours. Hand sanitisers are used in the most germ-intensive places such as hospitals, schools, airports, to name a few.

However, are they enough to effectively cleanse your hands against the notorious  Influenza germs? The  answer is slightly more complex than we would like, and more research is coming out about this multifaceted issue.

Can Hand Sanitisers Protect My Kids From the Flu?

Researchers from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine found that standard hand sanitisers can take up to four minutes to kill flu-causing germs covered in wet mucus and only eight seconds to kill dry germs without a mucus layer.

So, there is enough reason to believe that natural hand sanitisers are helpful against flu-causing germs. Hand sanitisers have also been found to be more effective when dealing with a large range of harmful microbes. However, remember that hand sanitisers are less effective when the hands are greasy or soiled, as a study has shown. In such a scenario, you should wash your hands with soap before using a hand sanitiser.

Is Traditional Hand-Washing More Effective?

When comparing hand washing to using a hand sanitiser, we should remember that both are effective against the influenza virus, if properly executed. Studies have shown that flu-causing germs are killed within a space of thirty seconds when washing with soap and water.

However, bear in mind that you should continue to wash your hands for a period of thirty seconds in order for it to be effective against the influenza virus. Many of us wash our hands for only five to six seconds, which will not help prevent the spread of the influenza virus.

How Should You Use Hand Sanitisers to Best Protect Yourself?

If you haven’t received the flu shot, then your best bet against the flu is proper hand hygiene. You can use the hand sanitiser as a substitute to hand-washing but is ideal if you do both from time to time.

When using the hand sanitiser, drop the liquid onto the centre of your palm, then proceed to rub your hands together for thirty seconds. A study conducted on the effective use of hand sanitisers has found that you should rub the entire surfaces of both hands until they are both dry.

Ensure that the sanitiser gets in between your fingers and if possible, under your nails, since these places are usually teaming with germs.

It should be stressed that hand sanitisers are less effective on dirt and grime. Therefore, it is advised to wash your hands with soap and water first.

If you’re taking care of a baby, then make sure you use baby-safe organic hand sanitisers. Expectant mothers should also use pregnancy-safe hand sanitisers to protect themselves from illnesses.

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Maintaining proper hand hygiene is half the battle won against infections. Be sure to wash your hands properly or use a hand sanitiser every opportunity you get. Order your toxin-free and chemical-free hand sanitiser from BabyChakra for maximum protection.

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