Chemical Free Hand Sanitisers For Quality Skincare

Chemical Free Hand Sanitisers For Quality Skincare

Welcome to the world of parenting! Your kids are learning about the world they live in by exploring their environment. But this process often involves making a mess and touching many germ-ridden surfaces.

As a parent, you can't always protect them from every virus or bacteria, but you can come very close by setting some crucial hand hygiene standards. Frequent hand cleaning reduces the spread of germs and subsequently reduces the risk of diseases.

Quite often, I find myself needing hand sanitisers between household chores and when travelling. They're not a substitute for soap and water but make for great portable alternatives when access to water is limited.

Over the years, however, there have been several controversies surrounding the  safety of hand sanitisers. And when it comes to kids, washing their hands too often with hand sanitisers may not be a good idea.

Hand Sanitisers Clean Hands, But at What Cost?

Household items like detergents, soaps, and hand sanitisers have chemicals in them that might cause harm to your kids' health. Alcohol, triclosan, and parabens are just some of the toxins that could potentially damage their skin.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers contain an alcohol concentration of 60% or higher. Putting this into perspective, a bottle of whiskey contains between 40% to 45% alcohol content, becoming dangerous if swallowed.

Another common ingredient in hand sanitisers is triclosan. An effective antibacterial and anti-fungal agent, triclosan has borne controversy ever since it was revealed that it affects hormonal balance. Moreover, studies are still inconclusive about whether it truly enhances germ protection in kids and adults

Parabens, a preservative used in many cosmetics, can cause rashes on the skin. They are also said to increase estrogen levels and have forced several countries to limit their use in products for kids aged three years or less.

It is evident that regular hand sanitisers are full of nasty chemicals! One whiff off the bottle tells you it shouldn’t go anywhere near your own skin, lest your baby’s sensitive skin. But natural hand sanitisers are free of chemicals and offer a host of benefits.

Why Choose Natural Hand Sanitisers?

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids. Natural hand sanitisers are made from organic and mild ingredients that protect the skin and keep illnesses at bay. No chemicals need to be added when natural ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera destroy the germs and bacteria while also leaving your skin feeling moisturised. Thus, organic hand sanitisers offer the best germ protection for kids.

Most importantly, natural hand sanitisers and personal care products are totally safe for kids. Not only do chemicals affect normal and healthy skin, but they also worsen skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Parents that have noticed alcohol-based products drying out their baby’s skin can use herbal hand sanitiser and cure rashes, itchiness, and dry skin.

Many natural hand sanitisers use refreshing, vegetarian ingredients that keep the skin soft and smelling pleasant on the go. These sanitisers are also cruelty-free and never tested on animals, so they are eco-friendly as well!

So, for your kids' health and skincare needs, natural hand sanitisers are the way to go. With so many hand sanitisers on the market, it can be hard to find one that is organic and baby-safe. Natural hand sanitisers like BabyChakra are your best bet in keeping germs at bay.

BabyChakra Pure Natural Hand Sanitiser

BabyChakra's Pure Natural Hand Sanitiser is India's first and only baby-safe hand sanitiser. This organic hand sanitiser is toxin-free, cruelty-free, and prepared using natural and vegetarian products. BabyChakra's hand sanitiser for kids is dermatologically tested and approved by the CDC and FDA. Most importantly, it is absolutely pregnancy-safe and gentle on all skin types.

BabyChakra's Pure natural hand sanitiser is the ideal hand  sanitiser for your kids. Get yourself a bottle here!

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