Are Your Hands Dry, Itchy and Flaky? Your Soap Could Be the Culprit

Are Your Hands Dry, Itchy and Flaky? Your Soap Could Be the Culprit

Your hands are definitely one of the hardest working parts of your body. From the moment you wake up and pull the blankets off, they are put to tireless work! Every little chore - be it brushing your teeth, tying your shoelaces, cooking a meal, mopping the floor, doing the laundry, or even scrubbing dishes - you need your hands to do all the rigorous work for you. It is no wonder then that they say your hands can tell your story.

They carry the unmissable signs of hard labour; the burns, scars, scabs and cuts from a busy day in the kitchen, the grime and dirt from a sweaty day in the garden, the blisters and dark spots caused from years of exposure to the sun and the blemishes and wrinkles that quickly show up with age. But do you really want your hands to mirror your daily struggles? I mean, chapped, dry, and calloused hands can be quite unsightly!

Unfortunately, dry hands are something a lot of us struggle with. Sure there are dozens of promising moisturizers and creams for dry skin, and popular hand cream commercials repeatedly reassure us that slapping on these moisturizers will give us those soft, supple hands. But this is just a half-baked truth! According to a Harvard study, moisturizers can hydrate the skin a little. They cannot, however, replace the skin’s lost oil and are primarily formulated to lock in moisture. So, how then can you combat dry hands?

Here’s how - by breaking the habit of using synthetic or  ordinary soap to wash your hands!Yes, hand soaps are one of the major culprits for excessively dry and flaky hands.

Why Does Soap Dry Out Your Skin?

Because soap is alkaline and it can tamper with your skin’s normal pH balance. The  skin on your hands is especially delicate and much thinner than most other parts of your body. Maintaining an optimal skin pH is, therefore, critical for your hands to retain moisture and remain healthy.

Most soaps are, however, loaded with chemicals and surfactants that strip the skin of its natural oily protective coat. So when your skin loses too much of its healthy, natural oils, it loses its ability to effectively lock-down water. In addition, dry and dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to the development of germs. But that’s not it! As the skin on your hands become chapped, dry and dehydrated, visible signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, and lacklustre skin become more noticeable.

So What Can You Use Instead of Soap?

If you want a gentle hand soap for sensitive skin, then an organic hand wash with milder ingredients is your best bet. Anything that contains harsh chemicals, alcohol or petroleum-based ingredients can dry out your skin and disrupt its normal pH. Natural hand washes, on the other hand, work on your skin just the way soaps do. But they are thoughtfully formulated to work in harmony with the natural pH levels of your skin.

BabyChakra has introduced a 100% natural and chemical-free hand wash that is the perfect hand wash for dry skin. BabyChakra is India's first and only baby-safe and pregnancy-safe hand wash that contains no parabens, alcohol, or SLS. This toxin-free and vegetarian hand wash has a gentle coconut and organic antimicrobial salt base, blended with pure tulsi extracts and plant-based softeners. This organic hand wash doesn’t deplete the skin of its essential oils and will leave your hands feeling soft, smooth and unsullied!

In Closing

Be careful when choosing hand hygiene products - the wrong ones can strip your hands of natural oils and make you prone to infections as well!

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