Keep Your Kids Safe From Toxins and Chemicals With an Organic Veggie Wash

Keep Your Kids Safe From Toxins and Chemicals With an Organic Veggie Wash

If you have a child or a toddler at home, you know better than anyone the importance of properly washing and cleaning food items before serving them to the youngest members of your family. Over the years, scientists have discovered a wide variety of germs and bacteria that can live and thrive on fresh fruits and vegetables. Hence, despite the nutritive value of these food items, it is essential to diligently clean them before they can be served to young children.

Young kids have an immune system that is relatively weaker and less developed than that of adults. Therefore, parents need to be extra careful when preparing a meal for their toddlers, making sure that no unwashed ingredients accidentally make their way into the food. This is because harmful microbes such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli might be living on the surface of the fruits and veggies you buy from the market, and they could cause a variety of ailments and diseases in your toddler, once ingested.

The Importance of an Organic Veggie Wash

Although washing and disinfecting the fruits and vegetables meant for toddlers is crucial, the type of cleanser you use for this purpose can also have a significant impact on the health of your child. Most soaps and cleansers contain harsh, artificial chemicals such as paraben, formaldehyde, sulphate, and synthetic dyes.  All of these elements can be toxic and very harmful to young kids, causing various illnesses such as dyspnea, headaches, and aggravated asthmatic symptoms.

This is why new parents need to invest in a high-quality, organic veggie wash in order to ward off the risk posed by unwanted chemicals (such as those mentioned above). A non-toxic and chemical-free veggie wash will be completely baby-safe and pregnancy-safe, making it ideal for the use of new and expecting parents. Furthermore, such a product will provide kids with dual protection - keeping them safe from germs and microbes as well as from harmful  toxins and chemicals that could have compromised their well-being.

The Best Organic Veggie Wash for New Parents

To answer the needs of new parents around the country, India’s 1st & only baby-safe brand, Baby Chakra, has developed the revolutionary Fruit, Vegetable, and Toys Wash - a 100 per cent natural and vegetarian cleanser made from organic ingredients such as lemon extracts, aloe-vera, and mangoes. This natural fruit and veggie wash is also completely cruelty-free and was not developed through animal experimentation.

This toxin-free fruit and vegetable cleaner was specifically designed to be safe for toddlers and small children, which is why it does not contain any artificial additives such as paraben, sulphate, or formaldehyde. Instead, only natural preservatives and organic ingredients were used during the manufacturing process of the Fruit, Vegetable, and Toys Wash from Baby Chakra, which makes it the most toxin-free and baby-safe cleanser available in the market.

Final Thoughts

The dermatologically tested Fruit, Vegetable, and Toys Wash from Baby Chakra is a product trusted by new parents around the country, all of whom agree that this all-natural veggie wash is safe, effective and one of the most organic ways to wash chemicals off your baby's food and toys.

You can order this baby-safe fruit and vegetable cleaner here and keep your little one healthy and happy!

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