Your Guide to Pregnancy-Safe Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers

Your Guide to Pregnancy-Safe Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers

Pregnancy is a blissful time in a woman’s life, but it is also the time when your body is working really hard to nurture a tiny life that is gearing up to come out. This is also the time when allergies become prominent, food might become an enemy, and every muscle in the body aches because of all the hormonal and physical changes. Getting comfortable and staying safe during pregnancy calls for close attention to even the tiniest things like the sanitiser you are using.

Using a hand sanitiser as a pregnant woman could be either beneficial or harmful,  depending on the  ingredients  used. Keep reading to understand how commercial hand sanitisers are not the best hand sanitisers to use during pregnancy.

Commercial Hand Sanitisers Are Loaded With Harmful Chemicals

Commercial hand sanitisers are made with alcohol and chemicals. Studies have proven that using alcohol-based sanitisers topically can kill germs quite effectively. But, just like all things that are too good to be true, commercial hand sanitisers also come with harmful side effects.

1. Triclosan

Triclosan is the antibacterial agent of a hand sanitiser. It kills bacteria to clean the hands, but it has also been linked to the development of superbugs which are difficult to kill. Furthermore, triclosan kills only bacteria and is ineffective against viruses, so the cleaning it offers is incomplete. It also interferes with hormones and disrupts the immune system. Triclosan is also known to build up in the environment and negatively impact our eco-system. Pregnancy is not a good time to deal with a chemical that will further weaken the immune system and may bring in micro-organisms that might become difficult to treat.

2. Artificial Fragrance

Although artificial fragrances leave behind a pleasant smell, they can be very harmful to you and your baby. The scents used in commercial hand sanitisers have been linked to health problems like allergies, respiratory problems, hormone dysfunction, dermatitis and suspected negative effect on the reproductive system. The use of synthetic chemicals to produce artificial scents can also trigger skin sensitivity issues. To avoid skin and respiratory problems, expectant moms should use unscented hand sanitisers with natural and vegetarian ingredients.

3. Alcohol

Although highly effective against destroying micro-organisms, alcohol gets absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. When choosing a hand sanitiser for sensitive skin, be sure to avoid alcohol-based sanitisers. Alcohol also dries up the skin and leads to various problems like dermatitis, rashes, and eczema. An organic hand sanitiser can be your answer to effectively cleaning your hands while taking care of your skin.

You can still clean your hands with a hand sanitiser, without worrying about the harmful side effects. The answer is a coconut-based hand sanitiser that is baby-safe, pregnancy-safe, and contains no alcohol or any other harmful chemicals.

BabyChakra Pure Natural Hand Sanitiser

This non-toxic hand sanitiser created by BabyChakra is 100% vegetarian, pregnancy-safe, and sulphate-free. It has been created to provide efficient cleaning of hands while ensuring that all the ingredients are natural and safe. The coconut base provides nourishment to the skin, so every time you use this baby-safe hand sanitiser to clean your hands, you also moisturise them.

BabyChakra is India’s first and only baby-safe brand that makes products free of alcohol, minerals, artificial preservatives and synthetic perfumes. The natural and toxin-free ingredients won’t trigger any of your allergies. BabyChakra is the best hand sanitiser to use during pregnancy as it will not cause any type of respiratory issues with you or the baby.

In Closing

It’s clear now that commercial hand sanitisers are not good for pregnant women. Fight off harmful bacteria with an organic hand sanitiser that also keeps your skin moisturised and rash-free.

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