Benefits of Using Natural Hand Sanitisers for You and Your Baby

Benefits of Using Natural Hand Sanitisers for You and Your Baby

Right from the safe confines of a mother's womb to a whole new outside world, this transformation for a newborn baby involves a lot of physical as well as environmental changes. Hence, it becomes mandatory to ensure that the infant remains safe and free from attacks of bacteria that may attack its immune system. Using a hand sanitiser is a practical and easy way to help reduce the spread of bacteria and provide germ protection for your baby.

It is advisable to wash your hands whenever possible, but sometimes you need a faster  and more accessible solution. Moreover, hand-washing is only effective if done properly and for at least 20 seconds. Parents also need to ensure that the hands have been rinsed properly to remove all traces of soap, as soap residue is as harmful to a child as are germs.

Newborns are prone to infections through bacterial contact, and hence it is very important to ensure your hands are absolutely disinfected when handling an infant. In such cases, a hand sanitiser might be the solution you need!

Benefits of Hand Sanitisers

According to the Centres for Disease Control, hand sanitisers have proven to be  exceptionally effective in eliminating and killing germs on our hands. In addition, researchers have discovered that hand santisers can even be better than soap and water at removing germs.

Here are some benefits of using a hand sanitiser for your baby:

  • It acts instantly to kill all microorganisms present on the hand surface
  • It is less time-consuming as compared to hand-washing with soap and water
  • It works like a saviour when there is no facility for washing hands with soap and water, especially when travelling with an infant
  • Natural hand sanitisers are less irritating to the skin in comparison to soap and water

Also, visitors coming to see the newborn and the mother carry innumerable germs which inevitably get transmitted to the little one. Keeping a baby-friendly hand sanitiser can eliminate the risk of subjecting your baby to harmful and disease-causing bacteria.

What Is the Best Hand Sanitiser to Use Around Babies?

There has always been great controversy regarding the usage of hand sanitizers over hand-washing with soap and water. As we all know, hand sanitisers contain high amounts of alcohol which help kill the germs on our hands. But the presence of alcohol and other chemicals can be harsh on your skin and strip your hands of the natural oils and good bacteria needed for a healthy immune system.

Therefore, it is recommended to use organic hand sanitisers that are alcohol and toxin-free and baby-safe.

This calls for the use of a natural, alcohol-free, baby-safe and toxin-free hand sanitiser, like the one manufactured by BabyChakra. It is India's 1st and only baby-safe hand sanitiser, which ensures complete healthcare for your little one and offers protection from infections transmitted through hands.

BabyChakra uses only vegetarian and toxin-free ingredients. By using this organic hand sanitiser, parents can rest assured that their baby is protected and safe at all times. This hand sanitiser for newborn babies is also pregnancy-safe, protecting both mom and baby from infections and diseases.

Final Take

A hand sanitiser helps a new mother in handling her little bundle of joy with convenience and complete protection from foreign elements in more ways than one. Pick a non-toxic hand sanitiser to keep your baby's skin soft and rash-free.

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