Want to Restart your Career? Find out How at our Meetup in Bangalore!

Want to Restart your Career? Find out How at our Meetup in Bangalore!

There is a disconnect in the Indian economy – between the millions of educated, qualified, and work- experienced women who took a break in their careers for various compelling reasons and the companies that need them to return and are reaching out to gain access to them, looking for the perfect fit. On Women's Day this year, JobsForHer was born to bridge this gap and help Indian women come back to the careers that fulfilled them before life asked them to step away.

In the few months post-launch, JobsForHer already has 300+ companies posting job-openings on our portal including Dell, Future Group, GE, Kotak Mahindra Group, Narayana Health, SmartOwner, SnapDeal, Thomson Reuters, Sobha Developers, Unilever, Tesco. They feature industries as diverse as IT, banking, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, and start-ups. Their candidates have joined these companies in full-time, part-time, work-from-home, freelance as well as returnee-internship positions. And the icing on the cake is that these candidates jumped into working with them a week after the interview!

These women, the ones who once stepped away from the workforce to place the needs of their families above theirs, are now ready to return to companies, which in turn are happy to hire them because of the wealth of experience that they bring to the table. And the team that is making it happen consists of all women, driven by their founder Neha Bagaria, a Finance graduate from Wharton and a mother-of-two, who restarted her own career after 3.5 years.

Come meet the JobsForHer team on Thursday, October 8th, at the BabyOye store in Koramangala in association with BabyChakra and find out how you can restart your career too!

Meetups are a GREAT way to meet local employers! Networking with them can pay-off in dividends. You get to learn from potential employers what the current market scene is, what they're looking for in potential employees, what skills are now required in the workplace, how and where to upskill after your break, what opportunities are available for career-restarters (i.e. returnee-internships, work-from-home/part-time roles in a reduced work capacity to catch up and refresh your skills), and you also get to meet other women like you, who are on similar paths in life. You can exchange stories, tips, advice, and suggestions, while making a new friend!

Here's what a JobsForHer restarter had to say about the power of meetups and networking events, when coming off a career-break...

Gayathri Vivek – A recent career-restarter with and educational company, through JobsForHer
The very fact that we are talking about women coming to work after a break makes it an absolute necessity to attend an event such as this, in order to:
a. Meet like minded people
b. Meet the right employer
c. Showcase our talents
d. Know of opportunities in similar fields
e. Get an idea of other possible career options
And most of all it is nice to break the monotony of a daily routine! Good luck all!

For more information on the Meetup for Mums, in association with BabyOye, BabyChakra and JobsForHer, read below and follow the links:



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