Baby Oral Care Basics: Keeping Your Little One’s Teeth Healthy

Baby Oral Care Basics: Keeping Your Little One’s Teeth Healthy

It is certainly a moment of joy to see your baby’s first pearly whites sprout out from the gums. Teeth enhance a baby’s already adorable smile and help them eat, but did you know that they also help your baby form words and sounds? It’s important for your little one to have good oral hygiene at an early age to pave way for healthy gums and teeth. You can achieve this by following the right hygiene practices and using the right products from the Flipkart Babycare range!

Oral Care: For your little one

Even before your baby cuts his/her first tooth, their gums and tongue need to be  kept clean. To clean out your newborn’s mouth, use a moist, clean and soft wash cloth and gently wipe your baby’s tongue and gums. Make sure your hands are washed before you do this.
As your baby grows, you can use a clean and sterilised finger brush made with food grade silicone and gently cleanse your baby’s gums and tongue with it.

Taking Care of Your Baby’s first teeth:

Most babies get their first tooth between the age of 4 to 7 months. At this stage, to keep your baby’s pearly whites squeaky clean, you could use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head and a long handle.

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Your baby requires a special toothpaste that is gentle on the mouth and gums but yet cleanses effectively. At this point, your baby might not be able to spit out the paste. Hence, using a toothpaste that is fluoride and SLS free is important as these pastes are usually safe to swallow.

Your baby’s teething timeline

After the first tooth, your little one will continue getting new teeth one after the other. During the teething phase, your baby might drool often, want to chew on something constantly or become a little fussy. By the time your little one is almost three, s/he will have a full set of 20 milk teeth.

The Right Way to Brush

  • When you’re starting out, use only a minimum amount of paste on your little one’s toothbrush. The amount could be as much as a grain of rice.
  • Brush gently around your baby’s teeth, front and back.
  • Rinse your baby’s mouth with some water or use your clean, wet finger to remove any excess toothpaste.
  • After your baby becomes three years old, you can use a fluoridated toothpaste meant for kids and take about a pea-sized amount.
  • Brush your little one’s teeth at least twice a day. Rinse out their mouth well after each meal to avoid tooth decay.

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Your child might need supervision for brushing his/her teeth until the age of 6.

Keep an eye out for brown or black spots on your baby’s teeth. These could be signs of decay and might need the attention of a paediatric dentist.

Your baby’s milk teeth are precursors to healthy, permanent teeth. Take good care of them with lots of love and the right products!

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