Your Baby’s Bedding Set is as Important as Your Baby’s Clothes. Here’s Why!

Your Baby’s Bedding Set is as Important as Your Baby’s Clothes. Here’s Why!

After 9 months of well-nested life inside your womb, your baby needs the right warmth and environment for a smooth transitioning into his/her earthly abode. Yes, there’s truly no place better than your arms and your breast for your baby to cuddle into and rest but it is a brand-new life for you and good rest is a must-have to support your healing process as well.

So, for those times when your baby needs to be rested on the bed, here are your options to choose the right baby bedding set from Flipkart!

1. Secure a Good Night’s Sleep First - In the first 6 months of their life, babies need at least 14-16 hours of uninterrupted sleep (apart from your intermittent feeds). If the weather isn’t really warm, you can go for a baby bedding set which has a mosquito net hood attached to a cute little mattress and pillow. You get them in all baby hues and prints. You can place this in the baby cot or your bed. The surface is usually made of polycotton so you can place a soft bedsheet on it before putting your baby to sleep. A few drops of essential oil on the bedding may calm your little wonder’s nerves even more!

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2. Lay it out for Diaper-free Daytime sleep – Babies need to sleep well in the daytime too. The more peaceful is their sleep, the calmer they are and better is their growth. Babies love breathable, loose clothes on them. So, you can keep them diaper-free, for at least a few hours every day, by laying a waterproof, bed protector sheet on your bed. You get them in different sizes, so even if your baby rolls around the bed, you have your ground covered. Most diaper sheets are made of a polyester material so make sure that you put soft linen on top of it for your baby to feel comfortable. It is easily washable too, so a couple of sheets can suffice for the week.

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3. Carry them around in comfort - With a baby in tow, stepping out of the house needs a lot of preparation. A baby bedding basket or a carry cot could save the day if you have to step out for a social gathering or even a walk in the park! It comes with a handle and your baby can be cozily nestled inside. A gentle sway may help calm or lull the baby to sleep as well. For your baby to sleep better at night, a night time bouncer could be a lifesaver! If you have a newborn, then you could also swaddle your baby with a soft swaddle cloth to mimic the feeling of the womb and help your infant sleep better.

4. Protection in an AC environment – If an air-conditioner sets the cool vibes at your home, go for a hooded baby blanket. Some brands have AC baby blankets especially meant to keep your baby snug in an air conditioned environment. Made of microfiber, they keep your baby snug and warm even in your lap. They are good to be carried even if you want to have a walk with your baby in your lap and the weather is cold or breezy. Available in single, solid colors, you can quench your thirst for cute baby accessories as well.

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5. Less is More with Babies too! – If you are one of those who likes it minimalistic, go for a 3-in-1 wrapper cum bath towel cum blanket. Usually made of soft flannel, they can double up as a temporary bedding on your car seat or, on someone else’s bed when you are travelling. Besides, you will have two items less to carry, making more space for other items such as baby food, extra clothes or diapers.

Whichever option you choose, consider your baby’s skin sensitivities and select the bedding with the right kind of fabric. Check out more products on Flipkart!

And don’t miss to catch up on your nap when your darling is in his/her dreamland!

Wish you and your baby hours of calm and deep sleep!

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