Tips for Potty Training: How to Get Your Child to Use the Toilet

Tips for Potty Training: How to Get Your Child to Use the Toilet

One of the most important milestones that parents look forward to is probably Potty Training. The thought of saving up a lot of money on disposable diapers, the ability of not having to constantly check on soiled diapers and the mixed feeling of knowing your baby is growing up, makes it a major feeling of accomplishment. Potty training can be accomplished with some patience and the right products from Flipkart!

Although potty training can be started as early as 1 year, most toddlers are ready to be potty trained between 18 and 24 months. The timelines however totally depend on the readiness of your baby which sometimes can be even as old as 3 to 4 years.

Your toddler needs to know that going to the big potty is a huge milestone. You can make him develop an interest in using the big pot by buying a good quality potty seat or potty box.

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In addition to using potty seats and potty boxes here are some more tips and tricks you can use for successful potty training:

Keep a track of bowel movements:

If your child is ready to be potty trained, they will have regular bowel movements. Having an idea of what time your child needs to go will help you move your schedule and keep yourself free around the time.

Keep regular meal and drink times:

Keep to regular meals and mealtimes. Do not deny water or liquids for fear of bed wetting or soiling underwear.

Use potty training books:

There are a host of books that will help your toddler understand what is happening. These books have simple stories, attractive illustrations and probably drive home the message better!

Go diaperless:

Completely avoid diapers for most part of the day unless absolutely necessary. Doing this will help your child understand and communicate easily and not be confused about what do when wearing diapers as opposed to what to do without. Transition to underwear – briefs and panties at this point.

Make it a big deal:

Motivate all the way! Clap, cheer and make it a big deal when they poop and pee in the toilet box or in the washroom. Positive reinforcement has been known to work wonders on potty training.
Each child will show potty training readiness at his/her own pace. Here are some signs to know if you’re child is ready to be potty trained

Potty training does not come without its share of disappointments, exasperations and confusion. But when your baby is completely potty trained, you will definitely feel like you have accomplished one of the toughest tasks of parenting! Make it easier and memorable for you and your tot with specialised products from Flipkart!

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