COVID-19: Work from Home Environment

COVID-19: Work from Home Environment

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly from one person to the next, like a chain link. To escape this, the government has implemented a system of 21-day curfews, called 'Break the Chain', to streamline a system of social distancing to isolate ourselves.

The 'Make the Chain' concept is becoming widespread, in contrast to  Corona's 'Break the Chain'. That means setting up maximum digital connectivity for company employees while working from home yet achieving Social Distancing.

As a result, many companies have adapted and implemented WFH, a 'work from home' method. 'How does a company evaluate its employees work from home?:



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Decrease in cost overheads
Day to day cost heads like electricity, internet, maintenance , housekeeping as well as refreshments are drastically reduced.

Travel time

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Each employee can start work at the specified time, without wasting travel time for the employee's arrival. Thus improving productivity.

Extra performance

Tea and meal breaks can be reduced to the canteen or hotel. Working at home can be accompanied by these breaks.

Healthy Sharing

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Every employee and feedback is closely watched by peers and seniors, hallway discussions. This enables healthy suggestions as well as recognition of inputs.

Safe environment

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Avoiding unnecessary distractions, a healthy home stay, and a safe environment with relationships can help improve employee physical and mental health.

Challenges: Extra focus

It's only been a few years since the 'Work from Home' concept has come to India. So it's crucial that we are extra careful in recognizing the importance of working from office as well.

Dont Disturb

At home, it is challenging to work diligently amidst the disturbances of children and relatives.Therefore it's important that they understand & follow the 'Don't Disturb' policy, Strictly.

Understanding is essential

It is imperative that the employee concerned and their family understand that they will have to work with the same attention and dedication from home as well. Therefore the family should treat the 9-6 hour as a office time even at home

Plan ‘B’ is essential

Since working from home is largely based on the use of Internet, the functionality of the network device used by the individual and the power outage at his residence is challenging.
So, prepare plan B, to connect the UPS to the network with the mobile data cable system.

Communication is important

When working in the office, you can contact a high-ranking, co-worker, if the message is not available, you can go directly to his location. Since this is not possible when working from home, you can also think of other ways of communication.

Team Work

A few projects may need to be grouped together. As such, the convenience and efficiency of working together in person is not available at Work From Home. However, everyone can join hands with Team Spirit to compensate for it as much as possible.

There is no doubt that this environment, which Corona has created, will provide an opportunity to learn how much work from home contributes to the company's productivity and employee performance.

If this scenario gives companies and employees a confidence and clarity over the work from home concept, this will be the first step for many Indian companies to take on the work from home concept in future.

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