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Now, a School That Nurtures Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul…

Now, a School That Nurtures Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul…

9 Apr 2020 | 3 min Read


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Mumbai-based JBCN Education has been a pioneering organisation in the field of education for over three decades now, having built a strong presence through the management of 14 educational institutes, including preschools and national and international high schools that have unparalleled curriculum and pedagogy across all levels.

JBCN Education leads four International Schools in Mumbai that adopts a range of curricula of the IB ( PYP ( Candidate) and Authorized DP), CAIE (CIPP, IGCSE, A levels) & ICSE, implemented through a unique method that makes school a foundation for lifelong learning. Three of these schools are based in Borivali, Oshiwara and Parel (E) respectively with the Chembur school being the most recent addition to the JBCN family. JBCN International School, Chembur will commence its first academic session in August 2020.

Why JBCN International School?
Powered by a dynamic team comprising experienced educators, driven by a strong vision, and incorporating the latest educational research practised globally, JBCN International Schools are synonymous with providing EduCreative experiences to learners every day. An essential prerequisite to providing learners a best-in-class programme is ensuring that infrastructure is also aligned similarly.

Holistic Learning

Along with a progressive and well-structured academic programme, JBCN schools also follow the iPROPEL programme, which incorporates innovation, Performing arts, Research and reasoning, Outreach, Physical fitness, Experiential learning and Leadership. The skills developed by the learners through this programme are showcased through various events during the course of the academic year. iPROPEL believes in working on the mind, body and soul of the learner, by integrating learner attributes, academics and innate skills.

Experiential Learning

JBCN International School believes in enriching creative experiences Beyond the Classroom and encourages young minds to think out-of-the-box. Their learners are equipped with the ability to analyse, synthesise and evaluate information so that they can be problem-solvers in the real world. To achieve this at JBCN International, they:

  • Arrange for workshops ranging from Astronomy, Science, Art Around the World, Art & Craft through physical play, Golf etc.
  • Conduct special events to celebrate Human Rights Day, Habitat Day, Book Weeks etc.
  • Organise events like InspirUs that encourage students to participate in a host of activities under four quadrants – Artistic, Athletic, Cerebral and Expressive.
  • Organise The Innovators Convention – where learners generate novel and useful ideas, research and collaborate with peers in a healthy, competitive environment.
  • Arrange the Intra School Primary Mun – Activities to develop formal public speaking skills and generate an awareness of global issues.
  • Celebrate the Annual Winter Carnival – A special outreach event that brings together all Club, school and PTA-led activities to enjoy while helping society.
  • Embark on special study tours in India and abroad and invest in exchange programs to destinations such as France, London and Singapore


The three-dimensional approach of Academic Excellence, Creative Expression and Beyond the Classroom coupled with an experienced management and dedicated staff truly gives JBCN International an edge above other schools. Give your child a holistic learning experience.

Admissions to JBCN International School, Chembur are now open. Click here to schedule an info session.













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