Say Bye to boredom of Household Chores, Make it fun and #ShareTheLoad
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Say Bye to boredom of Household Chores, Make it fun and #ShareTheLoad

Say Bye to boredom of Household Chores, Make it fun and #ShareTheLoad

We are in the fourth week of lockdown and household chores can get daunting and boring if its left to be completed by the lady of the house alone. But if its shared by the family members, it not only breaks monotony, the load eases off too. Not just that, it helps the family bond closely over cooking, laundry or maintaining the house. It is heartening to see so many men sharing the responsibilities of household work with their wives. Ariel that started the movement in 2015 to drive gender equality within household is elated to see the participation of men undertaking household chores during lockdown and hopes this becomes a practice and continues even after the lockdown gets over.

Driving the same message, Ariel undertook the Tik Tok ShareTheLoad Challenge which saw the participation of TV celebs like Ravi Dubey-Sargun Mehta Anita Hassanandani- Rohit Reddy and lot of influencers who made laundry so much cooler and fun by simply doing the task together. The challenge laid out the simple steps for anyone who does not know how to do laundry. With Ariel, laundry is definitely the easiest task to get started with as you get best stain removal irrespective of who does the laundry. The challenge that started a week back has already garnered 11.5 billion views on Tik Tok.

#ArielShareTheLoad is all about helping at home and having fun while you are at it. So, no more ‘Chores are such a bore.” Just bring your families together and Share the laundry and Share the Load.

Link to Anita Hassanandani challenge-

Link to Rohit Reddy’s challenge-

Sargun Mehta on Tik Tok-

Ravi Dubey on Tik Tok-

You can take up the challenge as well and make the most of the time together at home-