Omg, My Baby is Born With a Tooth!
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Omg, My Baby is Born With a Tooth!

Omg, My Baby is Born With a Tooth!

Scary, isn’t it? I know many of you must have felt this way to see your child being born with a tooth.

In the ancient past, many parents may have felt that a devil is born while most may have called it as a miracle and assumed that an angel is born, since it had a tooth and has some superpower.

But the fact is that these are just misconceptions. This condition where the child is born with a tooth is called as a Natal tooth and it is very normal finding that can happen in one of the 3500 births.

Why does this happen? There are many reasons that can be factored mainly due to nutritional deficiency or can be hereditary or can be associated with some syndromes. But whatever may be the reason there is no need to worry, this condition can be easily managed by a pediatric dentist.

What are the problems caused because of this Natal teeth? The baby may have a big ulcer below the tongue. This ulcer is caused due to friction between the natal tooth and the tongue. This ulcer can be treated by a pediatric dentist, either by polishing the tooth or by removing the tooth completely if the ulcer doesn’t get healed even after polishing the tooth.

The other issue caused by this is that the mother may have discomfort while feeding i.e. the baby might bite during breast feeding. This condition can be taken care either by using a breast pump to draw milk and then use a bottle to feed the child or you can take the child to the dentist where the dentist will either apply a tooth filling material and if the situation gets severe, he may remove the tooth.

The most concern situation is when the tooth is shaking or is very loose. This can cause the danger of the child aspirating the tooth, if it falls into the windpipe and this might choke the child and can be fatal. This must be avoided, and an experienced pediatric dentist is the best person to judge whether to keep or remove the tooth and there are certain instructions he may give you before performing the extraction. One of which is that he may ask you to get a vitamin K injection before removing the tooth, this is recommended by the dentist because in the first few days of life the child’s body cannot produce vitamin k which is necessary for the bleeding to stop when the tooth is removed by the dentist.

Remember, your child is nothing but an angel with the superpower to make your heart melt!

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