Seeds of Hypertension and its Management in Women

Seeds of Hypertension and its Management in Women

Hypertension commonly known as High blood pressure (HBP) is defined as transitory (short-lived) or chronic elevation of the blood pressure in the arteries. Like a silent guest knocking at the door, it can enter the lives of individuals and put them at the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Be alert, as you may never know when a scathing headache, a chest pain, a day full of fatigue or tiredness, a pounding in the neck, chest or ears might hint to you of the impending unseen monster of HBP within.

The 21st century life brings with it many boons of technical advancement and flurry, our lives becoming like containers full of work projects, and multi-tasking deadlines. We are always on the go, living like hippies traversing different roads, and aren’t we proud to have “done it all” in the limited 24 hours - managing work, personal life, family, friends, and kids? As we meander through the dungeons of stressful lives, we embalm it every day with a spray of move; to depart away all the bodily pains, sip a cup of black coffee to wither away the emotional pains and headaches; in order to wake up from our own well dug grave of melancholy and sleepless nights, preparing for another supersonic day.

Resonates with you? and the story of so many more women, be it a housewife or a working woman who battle through the endless pressures and the stardust of super woman success. However, these non- retiring mechanical lives come with a cost and often put so many of us women to the debilitating risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, there are forms of hypertension that occur exclusively in women, e.g., hypertension related to menopause, oral contraceptive use, or pregnancy (e.g., chronic hypertension, gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia or eclampsia).

Each human body has a unique genetic code and contributing factors that influences what disease their body may or may not acquire throughout the lifespan. Contributing factors that increase a woman’s risk of developing hypertension are diets high in fat and salt, dietary deficiency of potassium, calcium, fibre, alcohol intake, smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyles that lead to a lack of exercise, nonadherence to medication regimes, and psychosocial stress.

Perhaps keeping this in mind, the 21st century treatment for hypertension in women might then include total mind, body focusing on the ‘whole person’. For the same, it would be a wonderful to become friends with your own body, treasure it with more active lifestyles encompassing regular exercise, healthy sodium free, and fibre rich diets. You might also want to cut on that extra glass of drink, or the apparently embalming cigarette on a girl’s night, as you shed away the stressful load of the week, before that becomes a vehicle for self-drudgery.

As a food for the soul, additional techniques focusing on the vital energy of body including yoga, reiki, emotional freedom technique (EFT), mindfulness based art work, meditations and guided visualisations can be extremely effective to let that fast paced beating heart of yours to slow down in its rat race of life. Inculcating these additional techniques can assist in restoring the energetic system of the body by stimulating the natural healing processes through relaxation, diverting attention from fear, anxiety and stress associated with hypertension.

Grant your body the permission to heal, always remember that nothing is permanent in life, not even your ailments and that this period will pass away. You might feel like your healing process is taking forever but you will eventually feel better and happier.

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