Covid-19 Affecting Your Child’s Vaccine Schedule? Don’t Worry.

Covid-19 Affecting Your Child’s Vaccine Schedule? Don’t Worry.


Being a parent is so much fun and at the same time it comes with a whole laundry list of responsibilities. During these trying times, while you may also be looking for a moment of peace amidst all the chaos, your child’s health and immunity are also primary concerns.

Home cooked meals, quality time with family and loads of time for play are all definitely contributing to your child’s well-being but vaccinations are taking a backseat and that could be worrisome. But there is no need to panic, the experts are just a call away.

Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases. A vaccine helps the body’s immune system to recognize and fight pathogens like viruses or bacteria, which then keeps us safe from the diseases they cause.1

Especially, if you have a child who is either a newborn and/or below one year of age, there are multiple vaccines that are recommended as per the National Immunization Schedule to be administered during this phase of growth. There are several other vaccines that are administered upto 16 years of age.


But help is just a click and call away! Vaxline is a helpline that has been set up exclusively to address all queries and concerns related to your child’s vaccination schedule. You can just browse through the repository of useful information or call the toll-free number and speak to an expert who will guide you on the way ahead.

Unless absolutely necessary, avoid going to the hospital. Consult your pediatrician over a call/video if you feel the need for expert medical assistance.

If you have to visit the hospital, make sure that both the child and you are wearing full-sleeved clothes and have face masks on. Make sure to take an appointment and reach only a few minutes before your scheduled time. At the hospital, ensure that the child does not touch surfaces and stays put. Carry a sanitizer and use it when required. Leave as soon as possible. Give the child a bath and soak and wash the clothes you wore to the hospital separately in warm water.

Remember that medical assistance is always available and there is no need to panic! Wishing you and your family the best of health.
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