Create a Space Filled with Positivity, Hope & Comfort for your Newborn

Create a Space Filled with Positivity, Hope & Comfort for your Newborn

Parenthood is such a rewarding journey and the moment you hold your little one is always filled with lots of love, joy and hope. Of course, you will feel all this because you’re holding a tiny baby who isn’t just the future of your family, but the whole world too.

The phase leading up to the D-day, to-be parents endure mixed feelings of hopeful expectation and nervousness in wanting to make sure everything is all right. Especially during this uncertain time, here’s how you welcome your little one into a space filled with immense positivity, hope and comfort.


Baby-Proof: While at time most of your baby supplies might not be available, go the DIY route. Prop up some extra pillows around your baby’s crib, block sharp edges with cloth sheets or layers of bubble wrap

Stay in Touch: Keeping in touch with loved ones regularly and making more time for family moments with your newborn are a few ways new parents can stay calm and positive during this unprecedented time

Stay Updated: Stay connected, updated and engaged with guidelines laid out by health care bodies and your community so that you are always prepared when your little one arrives and can take the right precautions

Practice Good Hygiene: Sanitizing your home regularly, practicing good hand hygiene, cleaning high-touch surfaces in your home and regularly cleaning your baby’s toys with warm water are a few ways to reduce worry and infection too

You Matter Too: Take some quiet time during the day while your baby is asleep to unwind, practice a hobby, or just connect with your partner

Who better can a soon-to-be mommy Ekta Kaul to share with us how she is geared up to welcome her first baby into the world. The actress took to Instagram to share a powerful film #WelcomeToTheWorld by Pampers. This film captures this beautiful moment where a mother passes on a hopeful message with her little one of a world filled with love, comfort, and unity during these uncertain times.

Here’s what the mommy-to-be had to say, “As Sumeet and I enter this new phase in our lives, we’re filled with joy, excitement and hope as we know that there is so much positivity surrounding us even during these unprecedented times. Watching the Pampers’ film #WelcomeToTheWorld really touched a chord with us and gave us comfort that our soon-to-be born baby will always be in good hands. We can’t wait to hold our little one and say ‘Welcome to the world’ that is more beautiful which each day and will only get better.”


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