Mums on a Mission: How to Ensure that Your Child Enjoys Brushing His/Her Teeth

Mums on a Mission: How to Ensure that Your Child Enjoys Brushing His/Her Teeth

'Mama, I don't want to brush!' How many times has your child told you this? Brushing might sound like a boring chore to kids but we mums know how important it is to clean those pearly whites properly to get all the harmful plaque and bacteria out. Getting a kid to brush is almost like fighting a mini war twice a day. You might agree with us when we say that mums face some unique challenges when it is time to brush. Here are some of them:

Convincing your child that brushing is super important

'Germs will attack your teeth if you don't brush.' 'You will lose your teeth if you don't brush after eating sweets!' Some kids give in to these scary stories, but some don't care.

Convincing them to brush for a minimum of two minutes

We know that we need to brush our teeth for a minimum of two minutes to get all the plaque out, but our unwilling brushers want to get over and done with the task. All efforts to brush for more than a few seconds are gone down the drain (literally).



Ensuring that they brush hard-to-reach areas

The moment we try to clean the teeth at the back, they squirm and yell. Expecting them to do that by themselves is too much.


It’s hard to find a brush that suits little mouths

Toothbrush heads are either too big or too small for toddlers’ mouths.

With these challenges, will a mom ever get her child to brush? Why can’t we mums have a magic wand that turns into a perfect brush?


There is??!!
Oh my God, Oral B Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush, where were you?

Fun character on brush? Check!
Small rounded head that reaches the back of the mouth? Check!
Timer connected to a fun app to motivate kids to brush for longer? Check!
Rechargeable so no fear of battery running out? Yes!


Finally, we have a magic wand to make brushing teeth an event to look forward to!

Bring some magic into your daily routine with Oral B. Guess what? There’s a fun contest to look forward to as well. Participate and win exciting prizes from Oral-B.

Know more here

Oral B has an exciting range of electric toothbrushes for adults as well.


You can join in the fun with your kid here


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