Bedtime Rituals for Baby's Restful Slumber During the Lockdown

Bedtime Rituals for Baby's Restful Slumber During the Lockdown

We know that babies and toddlers need significantly more sleep than adults. Growth, repair and rejuvenation of the body happens during sleep and for little ones, sleep is the time for crucial mental and physical development.


Following a healthy sleep routine is key to getting the required zzzzs everyday. However, recently, the lockdown has thrown most of our schedules out of gear, and our slumber schedules are one of them.


If you’re wondering how you can get your little one’s sleep timings back on track, allow us to tell you that following a bedtime ritual is one of the most foolproof ways to make it possible. All you need to do is have the will to go back to following a routine, and some Flipkart products to help you!


Have fixed bedtimes

Did you know that our bodies function most effectively if we respond to our environment’s Circadian rhythm? So ideally, your little one must sleep early (usually an hour or two after sunset) and roughly at the same time everyday. This will coax the body into getting into a restful sleep for longer periods of time.

Use the right bedding gear

Comfort is important to have sound sleep. Your child must be adequately dressed and covered with a blanket if the air conditioner will be switched on through the night. Soft crib blankets and bed protectors can add to the comfort factor..


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Daytime = Active time

Visiting parks and play areas might not be possible often, but ensure your little one crawls, jumps, plays with toys and dances during the day time to get that much-needed physical activity as it’s important for sound sleep. You can join them to get your endorphins flowing too!


Keep things calm an hour before bedtime

Wind down, play soft music and read a story 60-30 minutes before the baby settles down to nap. You could even read a story or sing a lullaby to your baby.


Bathe and massage to relax

A light massage followed by a bath with lukewarm water is a definite way to calm down your baby's nerves. A massage is a good way to bond with your baby and is a great stress-buster for you too! Use products that are gentle on your baby’s skin.

Say no to stimulation

Any kind of exposure to light tells your brain that it isn't time to sleep yet. It’s hard for your little one to settle down to sleep if s/he’s staring at the tablet, mobile or television before bedtime. Prefer non-screen time activities like reading, listening to music or pretend playing.


These times might be stressful and trying for us, but staying healthy, both mentally and physically, is important for us and our families. Sticking to a routine is important, both for you and your little one, and might even help you feel normal to a certain extent. So stay healthy with healthy routines for your baby and allow Flipkart’s products to help.


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