Risks of Exposure to Plastic During Pregnancy

Risks of Exposure to Plastic During Pregnancy

While we are all aware that plastic does more harm than good primarily to the environment, we often underestimate its negative impact on ourselves.


Discoveries are constantly evolving on the matter and a new study suggests that exposure to certain chemicals in plastic during pregnancy can be harmful to your child. Exposure to these toxic chemicals found in plastic during pregnancy and even while breastfeeding can put your child at risk of developing what’s known as allergic asthma.


The chemical responsible for this is called phthalates, a substance often used to soften plastic and make it more flexible. This class of chemicals is known to easily enter our bodies through skin, food and air causing disbalancing in our hormone systems and even our fertility. A research further shows that if the foetus was exposed to phthalates during the early stages of pregnancy, the effects are carried forward to the two subsequent generations.


Now I know completely getting rid of all household plastic is easier said than done, but here’s what you CAN do!


So What can you do?


While it is difficult for us to eliminate 100% use of plastic from our daily lives, there are small changes we can incorporate especially during pregnancy that reap long-term benefits for both you and your baby.


  • Avoid heating food in plastic containers and stick to the old school way!
  • Try swapping plastic storage containers for glass especially when preserving edibles
  • Switch to glass water bottles!

Remember, small changes can go a long way!


Let’s not only be mindful towards our health but also the environment.

Who’s in?

Happy Plastic Free!

Team Babychakra


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