3-in-1 Vaccination During Pregnancy- Have you spoken to your Gynecologist?

3-in-1 Vaccination During Pregnancy- Have you spoken to your Gynecologist?


As a mother-to-be, you wish to do everything to protect your unborn baby. This includes nourishing him/her throughout the nine months and protecting him/her from diseases and other harm.


A baby receives its immunity from his/her mother during pregnancy. This immunity received by the baby can protect it for the first few months of life. As time passes however, the immunity diminishes.1 Maternal immunization or vaccination the mother-to-be can protect her directly against vaccine-preventable diseases and provide protection to her growing baby as well.


In most countries, women routinely receive tetanus injections during pregnancy. Additionally, it is recommended that a mother-to-be is vaccinated against whooping cough (also known as pertussis) and diphtheria as well.



What you need to know about vaccination during pregnancy:

  • Like any other vaccines can have some common side-effects like redness, swelling at the site of injection, fever which are usually mild and may go away quickly on their own.
  • Vaccination against these diseases during pregnancy could help pass on the protection against some serious diseases from a mother to her newborn baby while it is still in the womb.
  • A woman is recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis in each pregnancy to ensure that both the mother and her baby will receive full protection.

Please ask your gynecologist for more information about the 3-in-1 vaccination during pregnancy .We wish you and your baby a healthy pregnancy and delivery!



“Tetanus is a nerve disease caused by a bacterial toxin”https://www.cdc.gov/tetanus/index.html#:~:text=Tetanus%20is%20an%20infection%20caused,open%20the%20mouth%20or%20swallow.
“Diphtheria is a throat infection that can block airways” https://www.cdc.gov/diphtheria/about/complications.html
“Pertussis is a respiratory disease that lead to hospitalization in infants less than 2 months of age” https://www.cdc.gov/pertussis/about/complications.html


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