Fasting? Try These Recipes

Fasting? Try These Recipes

17 Oct 2015 | 4 min Read

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

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It is the fasting season again! And we have a line-up of recipes that are likely to suit the fasting palate! Whether you are pregnant and fasting or have a youg baby and are fasting, you will definitely find something in here!


Do consult your doctor before you decide to fast.

Kuttu Ka Dosa

1. 1 cup Kuttu ka Atta (buckwheat flour)
2. 1 cup Paneer
3. 1 cup buttermilk or yoghurt
4. Small piece of ginger
5. Green chilly as per taste
6. Salt as per taste



1. Take all the ingredients and put them in a blender till they form a smooth batter. Mix more buttermilk or yogurt as per desired consistency.

2. Now take a non-stick tawa and spread the batter. Do it on a low flame and do not spread it too thin. Cook it on a low flame until it becomes crispy. Do not flip too often as it will crack up the dosa.

3. This recipe is considered as a “warm” food, so ensure you consume a lot of curd along with it. You can also make a filling with potatoes as per your choice to get the actual feel of a masala dosa.



Vrat Wale Chawal ka Dhokla

1. 3/4th cup Vrat Rice
2. 1 tsp Ginger Paste
3. 1 tsp salt (sendha or rock salt can be used)
4. 1 cup yoghurt
5. 1 green chilly made in to a paste
6. 2 tsp Ghee
7. Dry red chilies, curry leaves, cumin seeds, and sesame seed for tempering
8. Grated coconut and chopped coriander for garnish



1. Roast the rice slightly on a tava but do not let it brown. Then add in the salt, chilly and ginger paste and yogurt. Mix well and leave to ferment over night. It should become somewhat spongy.

2. Grease a steaming tray, spread out the mix and steam cook the batter for about 20 minutes, or till it is done. Set aside to cool.

3. In a pan, add some ghee, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, curry leaves and finally add the red chilies. Now spread this mix quickly on the prepared dhokla.

4. Now cut in desired size, garnish with coriander and coconut, and consume as and when you like. This recipe can be stored for upto one day in a refrigerator. This recipe can also be made as Idlis instead of dhoklas.



Banana Walnut Lassi

1. 1 cup Yogurt, refrigerated
2. ½ banana
3. 3 – 4 pieces of walnuts
4. 1 – 2 tsp honey
5. Optional – other nuts of your choice
6. Optional – Rose Syrup, 1 tsp
7. Cut the banana into small pieces and add to a blender along with yogurt and honey. Blend well. Serve in a glass and add some chopped walnut, other nuts of your choice and some rose syrup.

This healthy recipe includes nuts that are good for health and uses honey instead of sugar to up the health quotient.



Fatafat Lotus Seed Kheer

1. 1 l of Milk
2. 1/4th Cup Makhana (puffed lotus seed)
3. 2 tbsp Sugar (or as per choice)
4. Chopped dry fruits, mainly pistachios and almonds
5. 1 ground green cardamom (choti elaichi)
6. Optional – few strands of Kesar or Zaffran
7. Bring the milk to a boil and then add Zaffran, ground cardamom and slightly crushed makhana or puffed lotus seeds. Let this mixture boil till the lotus seeds soften and the concoction is slightly thick (it will thicken more when you set it aside to cool).


Now, add sugar and boil for a few more minutes. If you like a slightly brownish colour in your kheer, you can add the sugar well before adding the other ingredients. Add the chopped nuts. This can be served hot, or cold, and can be stored in the refrigerator to be utilized later, for upto 36 hours.

Reply in comments on what your favourite fasting dish is!
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