Acne and Hair Fall Troubles? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take Them Lightly

Acne and Hair Fall Troubles? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take Them Lightly

Pimples, hair loss and facial hair are problems no one really wants. Acne is the problem we associate with teen years, and it’s not a normal adult skin problem. But yet, whenever we get a pimple before our periods, we ignore it or brush it off as, “an indication that our menses will come soon.”


It has been observed that several women have been complaining about severe hair fall, acne, irregular periods and facial hair now more than ever. Mommy groups and beauty forums online are full of home remedies and temporary solutions to deal with these issues. However, the issue is literally, skin deep.



Many women suffer from hair loss after delivery, surgery or during treatment for serious diseases like cancer. However:

  • If you have persistent acne, it cannot be termed as ‘teenage pimples’. These pimples will most likely not disappear with neem and turmeric paste or other home remedies.
  • Acne that appears before every menstrual cycle might be more than just an indication of the arrival of your periods.
  • If there are tons of hair strands on your pillow, a lot of hair on your hairbrush every time you comb or a lot of hair in the bathroom, it might not be prevented with just oils or DIY hair masks.
  • Excessive facial hair can only be temporarily removed by salon treatments.

Home remedies or DIY methods could temporarily cure these problems, however, these skin and hair issues could be related. For a more concrete solution, receiving advice from a medical professional is important.

Ask your dermatologist for a completely side effect-free, safe and effective treatment as soon as you can.


If you have any questions related to hair fall or skin click on the link and ask now : Hair fall and Other Issues

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