Diagnose, Don’t Delay: Know How to Treat Fever Right in Children

Diagnose, Don’t Delay: Know How to Treat Fever Right in Children


Most of us might have experienced a fever sometime in our lives. As adults, we understand that a fever is characterized by a temporary increase in body temperature and that is a sign that there is something unusual happening in our body1, hence we take the necessary precautions.

'My child has a high temperature' – not an unlikely event in the lives of parents with young children. Children are more likely to get a fever than adults are. Fever is one of the most common reasons why children are brought to the doctor2


However, when our children get fever, we tend to panic. Now, with Covid 19 numbers rising, it is natural to panic even more when someone in the family gets a fever. This makes us resort to over-the-counter medicines, home remedies or methods that are not supported by medical professionals.


The high temperature caused by fever is the body’s natural response to fighting infections.3

Fever is defined as a rectal temperature more than 38 °C. Normal range of body temperature in infants is 36.5 to 37.5 °C and in children it is 36.1 to 37.8 °C4


Here are a few ways to check for high temperatures in young children.3


  • Your child might feel hotter to the touch than normal. One way to check this is to touch their forehead, back or tummy.
  • A high temperature could also cause your child to have sweaty palms
  • Red cheeks could also be a sign that your child has a fever.


A more reliable way to check for high temperatures is to use a digital thermometer.3

If your child has a fever, here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts to follow:3,5,6


  • Give your child plenty of fluids
  • Check for signs of dehydration
  • Check on your child regularly during the night
  • Make sure your child gets rest



  • Do not cover the child up in too many clothes as it could cause a rapid rise of body temperature, and febrile fits
  • Do not give medications to your child unless prescribed by the doctor
  • Do not use cold water to sponge your child as it could cause shivering


The pandemic has instilled fear in some of us and discouraged us from visiting the doctor.7 However, it is always wise to take the advice of a pediatrician when it comes to treating fever in children. Delaying consultation might be dangerous as only experts are trained to diagnose underlying diseases or infections correctly. Treat fever on time, treat it right to keep your family healthy, safe and happy



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