6 Dangerous Diseases That Could Affect Newborns and How to Protect them

6 Dangerous Diseases That Could Affect Newborns and How to Protect them

If you are a mother-to-be or are a new parent, one of the things that may have crossed your mind is how to keep your baby safe from illnesses and infections. A child is exposed to thousands of germs every day. Babies are born with immune systems that can fight most germs, but there are some life-threatening diseases that a baby’s immune system may not be able to handle. 1

Some of the serious diseases that a newborn could be exposed to include:

Polio: Polio is caused by the poliovirus and can lead to paralysis and disability.2
Hepatitis B: Is a viral infection that affects the liver3
Diphtheria: Is a serious throat infection that can block airways4
Tetanus: Can cause muscle spasms leading to death5
Pertussis: Is a respiratory illness which can be fatal for infants6
Hib: Can cause mild to serious infections like pneumonia or brain fever7

Since a baby’s developing immune system may not be able to handle some deadly diseases, vaccines can help to strengthen their immune system.1

Vaccines use tiny amounts of antigens to strengthen the immune system so that it learns to fight serious illnesses.1
It is painful for a parent to see their baby being subject to multiple injection pricks. But at the same time, vaccines are important to safeguard a baby’s health. With combination vaccination, you can now protect your little one at the right time from 6 deadly diseases with lesser injection shots.

Combination vaccination has several benefits for both your baby and you.


Ask your paediatrician about the combination vaccination during the next appointment.

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