Ayurvedic vs Non-Ayurvedic Massage: Which is Better For Your Baby?

Ayurvedic vs Non-Ayurvedic Massage: Which is Better For Your Baby?

Since times immoral, regular baby massage has been given a lot of importance in baby care. Mothers and grandmothers would hire trained maalishwali or learn baby massage techniques themselves to ensure that babies receive the maximum benefits of massage.


Special importance was also given to the baby massage oil. The oil was enriched with the goodness of essential Ayurvedic ingredients like Urad, Ratanjyot, Karpur, Til oil and more as these were said to be beneficial for a baby’s skin, bones and muscles.


Special Ayurvedic ingredients in ancient baby massage oils continue to have immense benefits.


  • Sesame Oil: Makes skin soft and supple. Nourishes bones and muscles
  • Ratanjyot: Helps soothe and protect the skin
  • Shankhpushpi: Helps in providing glowing skin
  • Karpura: Helps in improving blood circulation
  • Urad: Helps in nourishing and making muscles strong


Times may have changed, however, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for health and well being can still be relied upon today. Dabur Lal Tail has retained this wisdom and formulated a baby oil that has these ingredients in fair proportions.



Ayurvedic massage or Non-ayurvedic massage? Which is more beneficial for your baby?

Many baby oils are available in the market that are made with different ingredients and formulations. However, most of these oils concentrate only on improving the softness of the baby’s skin and do not strongly deliver on making the baby’s foundation strong. Dabur Lal Tail’s Ayurvedic formulation however, works on making bones and muscles strong along with having myriad of skin benefits. The brilliant crimson red colour of lal tail comes from ratanjyot. which is known to soothe, repair and protect baby’s skin. Its brilliant sensorials are in turn a proof of authentic ayurvedic formula using all natural unique ayurvedic herbs that are highly beneficial and efficacious. It is a safe oil which is dermatologically tested. An Ayurvedic Massage thus, has its own unique benefits when it comes to delivering on the desired benefits from the baby massage ritual which is practiced since the vedic era.



The efficacy of the ingredients since the vedic era has made millions of mothers today trust Dabur Lal Tail for their babies.

As parents, we would love to see our babies stay healthy and grow faster. Dabur Lal Tail is undoubtedly the right baby massage oil for your newborn to help him/her achieve milestones better and faster while taking proper care of your baby’s skin as well.


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