Want Your Baby to Get The Maximum Benefit of Massage? Use the Right Oil

Want Your Baby to Get The Maximum Benefit of Massage? Use the Right Oil

Baby maalish or massage has been a centuries-old practice in India. Our mothers and grandmothers considered massage before bath an important ritual of babycare. Regular massage is said to have multiple benefits for newborns and infants. Baby massage helps in the physical growth of the baby and is said to help them achieve their milestones faster. However, using the right oil for baby massage is crucial.


The use of herbs in baby massage oil has been recorded since the vedic times. These ancient Ayurvedic recipes have stood the test of time and generations of Indian mothers swear by the medicinal and nourishing properties of these oils even today. Ingredients like sesame oil, shankhpushpi, ratanjyot, karpura and urad have proven benefits for babies. The collective wisdom of Ayurveda and the effectiveness of these ingredients is available for the mothers and babies of today under the name Dabur Lal Tail.


Dabur Lal Tail is formulated after decades of research and scientific backing. Its unique formulation includes the right mix of all the herbs in fair proportions and this is unique to the brand. The fragrance itself connotes it is an efficacious authentic ayurvedic formulation that has the capacity to provide the desired benefits from a massaging ritual. It is also dermatologically tested for safety.

In addition to healthy, glowing skin, Dabur Lal Tail strengthens bones and muscles which is the key benefit of any baby massage ritual. It is clinically proven to provide 2x* faster physical growth to babies.



A mother always wants the best for her child. That’s why she takes extra care before choosing something for her little one. She also understands how important it is to provide her baby with strength and nourishment both internally and externally. For millions of moms today, Dabur Lal Tail is the preferred choice to set the foundation for developmental milestones and to prepare them to face the coming tomorrow.

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