Pregnant And Fasting? Keep These Tips in Mind

With Navratri round the corner, cheer, joy and excitement are already in the air. Most families in North India observe fasting for the entire period of 9 days. If you are pregnant, this may get a little tricky. Here's what you should do!

- If it makes you uncomfortable, dizzy, weak, or anything unbearable, resume your regular day instead of fasting immediately. You may have to let go of it for the sake of your miniature boss.


- The first and the third trimesters are the most uncomfortable for fasting – however, the second trimester (months 4-6) is considered more favorable for fasting.


- Most of the times, Navratri includes consumption of sweet food throughout, or salt for just once in a day. It is important that you consume salt and sugar as per your usual requirement, instead of taking foods high in sugar or fats, to keep problems at bay

- Be extra careful and work on your doctors' recommendations in case you are at a high risk for Hypertension, Gestational diabetes or any such issues in your pregnancy. Fasting may cause an imbalance in the required nutrients.

- Try to inculcate a diet wherein you can consume something every two hours – this way your body continues to get its basic nutrients and will not leave you in a tizzy.


- Keep hydrated – have plenty of water!

- Please do not fast with an intention or plan to lose weight – you will have ample of opportunities for that later on. Lack of nutrients or hydration can cause serious problems in your pregnancy.

- Consume more fruits than deep fried or ghee laden foods.

- If the weather is hot and humid, avoid moving out of the house in the peak hours.

- Take time out for rest – ensure you get your beauty naps timely.

- It is suggested that you avoid doing your exercises or engage in any exhaustive or strenuous activity during your fasting period.

- Also check with your family, if you could fast only in the beginning and in the end of these nine days, or if you could fast on alternate days. This could be a better idea than fasting on a daily basis.

- In case of extreme fatigue or exhaustion's, or discomfort of any type, immediately connect with your doctor.

If you are the kind who is very emotional about this entire Navarati fasting ritual, you are bound to feel guilty in not being able to fast. It is important to remember that proper growth of the little one inside you is highly dependent on just you and nutrition lapses may cause serious defects. Some communities allow the individual to have someone else (like husband) fast for them, or to fast at a later stage. Some communities also allow one to donate some food or money, or both to the needy in order to make a fulfillment of the fast. Try out these alternatives instead!

Have a Blast this Navratra!!


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