How to Choose The Right Massage Oil For Your Newborn

How to Choose The Right Massage Oil For Your Newborn

When a baby is born, we as parents ensure that we provide the right care and nutrition to our little ones so that they grow up to be strong mentally and physically. At birth, newborns have extremely gentle skin, softer bones and weaker muscles as compared to an adult. As they grow, a baby’s bones and muscles develop and grow rapidly and become stronger, especially in the first 40 weeks since birth. This period is hence crucial to provide the right care to our newborns.


One of the most important ways to set a strong physical foundation for a baby is to provide a massage with the right oil. Baby massage has been an important babycare ritual since the ancient times in our country. Mothers and grandmothers have been using oils enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients that have strengthening and nourishing properties. Dabur Lal Tail still has retained the goodness of these Ayurvedic ingredients and has formulated a baby massage oil that is well-suited for babies since birth.


How to choose the right massage oil for your baby?

As a new mom, you might want to know how to select the right massage oil. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you:

  • Since a baby’s skin is thin and delicate one must also choose an oil that is dermatologically tested for safety
  • Since it is extremely crucial to boost the strength of your baby’s bones, muscles and joints in the initial months after birth, it is important to choose a baby massage oil with ingredients that have been proven to deliver those benefits. Thus, an in-depth research on ingredients in any baby product is important.
  • Avoid choosing a baby oil based only on how it looks or feels. Some light oils could have the presence of artificial colours or synthetic oils that are not baby skin friendly. The oil you should choose for your baby must contain only natural oils and herbs.
  • Sometimes the texture of a baby oil could be misleading and make one believe that it is mild, safe and effective on a baby’s skin. Ayurvedic oils might appear texturally thicker, as the ingredients are blended to create a natural concoction. However, many ayurvedic herbs are proven to help in making skin soft and supple while nourishing it and adding a glow to it. Its therefore wise to compare the ingredients/composition of different oils
  • It is a myth that a light colour oil will lighten a baby’s skin tone and a dark colour oil will darken the skin tone. Certain herbs used in oils result in dark-coloured solutions but their effect is magical in terms of toning and soothing the skin.




It is due to these reasons and a trust on the brand that millions of mothers have trusted Dabur Lal Tail for their babies. Choosing the right massage oil will provide you the confidence as a parent that you’re providing your baby with only the best and that you’re not being carried away as an evaluative mother.
The plant-based ingredients, years of research and scientific backing has made Dabur Lal Tail an efficacious formulation for your baby’s massage ritual. That’s why today, it has become India’s no. 1 Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil Brand**. 

**As per Nielsen MAT Sep’20 data

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