Did You Know: 60% Of What You Put On your Child's Skin Maybe Going Into Bloodstream.

Did You Know: 60% Of What You Put On your Child's Skin Maybe Going Into Bloodstream.

It is a known fact that your child has a much thinner skin than an adult. In these times, we are washing our hands and sanitizing them almost 8 times more than normal. Our children are also being made to wash their hands an average of atleast 6 times a day to keep them safe and protected.


The products that we use for ourselves for handwashing and sanitization are however made for a time when we did not have to wash or disinfect our hands as frequently and were made mainly for adult skin. Hence, these products have ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, Sodium Laureth Sulphates (SLS),SLES, PEG,Coumarin, BHT, heavy metals and fragrances that were never made to be used by children and certainly not with the level of frequency that we make our children use them with today. Hence, unknowingly, while intending to care, we are instead exposing our children to these known developmental and neurological toxins. For example, Coumarin, a popular ingredient in handwashes, is advised to not be used for toddlers and children.


www.bfr.bund.de/en/press_information. Even prenatal exposure to coumarins is associated with an increased risk for disturbances in development in school-age children. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11341493 Similarly, another very popular ingredient, BHT, has studies that show long-term exposure to high doses of BHT has been shown to cause liver, thyroid and kidney problems in animals as well.



As a result, today doctors are seeing an overwhelming rise in the issues of scaling, peeling skin, contact dermatitis, childhood eczema and irritation and allergic reactions in pediatric patients. All of these are indications of a rampant increase in exposure to toxins and reactions to chemicals in products not made for pediatric skin. So much so that globally, there is talk of this being a silent but sharp spike in the cases of children with their palms and fingers scaled and peeling.



Even simple skin peeling can lead to 2 serious outcomes. One, a child will refuse to wash or cleanse his or her hands leading to other potential health concerns and high risk of contracting infections. In a time of a public health emergency, not washing hands or cleansing them frequently is a serious risk. Secondly, even if we force our child to wash their hands despite the discomfort they face, the breakdown of skin leads to a deeper percolation of known toxins in their bloodstream.


A simple solution to this serious problem is shifting to using products especially made for children and clinically proven safe for frequent hand washing and cleansing. The BabyChakra range of products have been made especially for this use case and have been tried and tested and recommended by mothers and pediatricians all over India and have also become top choices on BabyChakra shopping and also other national marketplaces.



The products are specially designed for children and are FDA certified and are Baby Safe : hence do not contain heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, lead and also Toxin Free. They contain no Sulphates, Sodium Laureth Sulphates (SLS),SLES, PEG,Coumarin, BHT, Parabens and heavy fragrances. The products are 100% naturally derived with coconut based cleansers and mango essence to ensure children love using them again and again (so no hassle to have kids wash or cleanse their hands). In fact, parents have reported a 3x increase in handwashing & autonomous cleansing in kids who use BabyChakra products. They also leave your child’s delicate skin soft, deeply nourished and 99.99% germ free.


Your child needs the best care right for him. Join thousands of other parents in making the switch to the best care possible.


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