Your Health in 2021: How Our Perspective Changed and Things to Carry Forward in the New Year

Your Health in 2021: How Our Perspective Changed and Things to Carry Forward in the New Year

Your Health in 2021: How Our Perspective Changed and Things to Carry Forward in the New Year


2020 started on a very merry note. All of us were excited about the beginning of this new decade.None of us would have thought that this new strain of virus which was isolated in a small town of China would be impacting the world so much in the upcoming months. We all have been affected by the Novel Corona Virus in one way or the other- be it in the from of dealing with the infection, fear,loss of near and dear ones and the psychosocial stresses caused by changes in our life.


But if we look at the other side this infection has proved that none of us are invincible or spared be it the richest of the rich or a poor man when it comes to the way this disease treats us.

People have become more aware and self conscious towards health and hygiene be it handwashing, use of masks, sanitizers and so and so forth.

Focus has moved for many to build internal immunity through Kadhas, medicinal supplements,healthy eating habits, etc.

What we should keep in mind is that there is a red line in everything and sometimes overdoing any activity can cause more harm. As we enter this new year a few things should be kept in mind especially when we are so close to receiving the vaccine and along with that the new strain of COVID has already entered our system

1. To continue with the self protection methods like social distancing,handwash hygiene practices and using face masks.

2. Regular exercise for 20-30minutes for atleast 5days a week at home,housing complex or if visiting gyms with all due precautions.

3. Healthy dietary practices- donot overdo the Kadhas or supplements. There is always some risk associated with overuse.Instead focus should be on a balanced meal plan rich in carbohydrates,proteins, fat, vitamins minerals and fibre. Overdoing any of the above harms more than benefitting your health

4. Avoid self medications for immunity building- having encountered many patients who started zinc and Vitamin C supplements to prevent Corona infection, my advise would be to not to do so and seek advice of your doctor before starting and discussing need for them.

5. Have a vent out for thoughts and stresses be it in the form of a journal,talking to friends or family member, meditation or seeking professional help

6. Do not believe on each and every product which is available in market and claiming to kill CORONA virus, many of these are just marketing gimmicks with no proven results. People may be trying to cash in your vulnerabilities.

Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy and a Positive New Year.

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