7 Must Haves to Enjoy Winter with Your Baby!

7 Must Haves to Enjoy Winter with Your Baby!

Winter months are all about cold air, hot food and huddling under cozy blankets. If you’re a mom to a little one, then winters are also about keeping your baby warm and protected.

The nippy weather could be harsh for your baby as a little one’s skin and immune system is more delicate than an adult’s. If not kept warm, babies could develop colds, chills and skin problems in the winter.


So how can we keep our little munchkins safe and happy so that we can enjoy the winter months with them? With the right nutrition and some fabulous products from Flipkart Babystore! Let us help you with 7 winter must-haves for every parent.

Super Absorbent Diapers

Babies tend to pee a little more during the cold weather. This means you will need diapers with greater absorption capacity so that your little one remains dry for a longer period of time. There’s nothing worse than a leaky diaper that soils and wets your baby’s clothes and bedding during the winter. The wetness might make your baby feel extremely cold through the night which might lead to discomfort and illnesses. You could choose a diaper that best suits your baby here.


Warm and Cozy Blankets

This one is a no-brainer. Blankets that are made of the right material can keep your baby warm and cozy through windy days and bitterly cold nights. Swaddle-type blankets are ideal for newborns while hooded blankets can keep your baby warm in the nights. Hooded blankets ensure that your little one’s head and ears are also covered. There’s plenty to choose from in the Flipkart Babystore!


Snug Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are blankets that double up as zipped up bed sheets. They are a great way to ensure that your baby does not kick off the sheets in the night and stays warm when the nights get cold. Some sleeping bags come with a swaddle option. This works for infants as it mimics the coziness of a mother’s womb and hence encourages them to sleep comfortably. Pick a great sleeping bag here!


Baby Creams

The dry air of winters can dry out your baby’s skin and cause redness and a great deal of discomfort. Applying a thick, good quality baby cream after bath and before bedtime locks in moisture and keeps your baby’s skin soft and supple. Invest in a variety of baby creams with natural ingredients from the Flipkart Babystore.

Skin-friendly body wash

Bath times in winter call for a soap or body wash that is gentle and that has moisturising effects. You wouldn't want your baby to lose the all-important moisture from her/his skin right? An ideal body wash for winters is one that has naturally-derived ingredients and cleanses the baby’s skin without foaming up too much. You could pick a body wash that best suits your baby here.


Baby Bottle Warmer

Cold milk in the winter? No, thank you! Warm milk can soothe your baby and provide her/him with much-needed warmth in the winters. If your baby’s formula or expressed milk gets cold too soon in this weather, just warm it up to the right temperature in a bottle warmer. This works great when you’re travelling as well. Buy one from the Flipkart Babystore!


Cozy sweaters and caps

How can we forget the importance of the right clothing in the winters? Sweaters made with soft yet warm material can keep your baby protected for hours in the cold weather. Woolen caps cover the head and ears even when your baby is crawling or walking around. You can find a variety of warm winter clothing here at the Flipkart Babystore.


As parents, most importantly, we wish to create memories with our children. With the right care, love, laughter and the right products from Flipkart Babystore, every season of our baby’s years can be happy and memorable.



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