“How do I know if my baby is comfortable in her/his diaper?” Here’s how you can find out!

“How do I know if my baby is comfortable in her/his diaper?” Here’s how you can find out!

Isn’t it a joy to welcome our little one into this world and watch them grow each day? Parenthood brings with it many emotions and experiences, but the ones that make the journey worthwhile are the moments that fill us with a deep sense of love and pride. We want our babies to always be happy, that’s why we walk that extra mile to provide only the best for our little ones.

Like many new parents, I too researched a lot on the best apparel brands for my baby, the best toys, healthy recipes and the best baby gear. But for the longest time, I couldn’t find the right diaper! Now, as a parent, I knew how important it was to find a good diaper for my baby as my little munchkin was practically living in diapers for most of the day and the entire night.

I had a long list of must-haves when it came to select a diaper. I wanted a diaper with great holding capacity, one that would keep my baby’s skin dry while being gentle and one that would fit him well while being super soft and comfortable. That’s when I discovered Huggies Premium Soft Pants.


So how to know whether your baby is comfortable in a diaper?
Within a few weeks, I realised my baby loved Huggies Premium Soft Pants. There are some clear tell-tale signs to know whether your little angel loves his/her diaper or not. Read on to know.

1. Your baby sleeps peacefully
A truly good diaper should have great absorption capacity so that it keeps the baby’s skin dry for long. The diapers I used previously would leak out which means I had to change the diaper and my baby’s clothes often. With Huggies Premium Soft Pants, I noticed that the liquid spreads evenly and prevents leakages, all thanks to the Bubble- Bed technology! The awesome bit is that the diaper has a wetness indicator which changes from yellow to blue to signal that the baby needs a diaper change.

2. Your baby’s waist and bottom has no red marks
An ill-fitting diaper causes your little one’s delicate skin to have deep marks on her/his waist and bottom. This problem used to perpetually worry me as it was a clear indication of an uncomfortable diaper. Huggies Premium Soft Pants has a Silky Cocoon Design and is made of the softest material. The Cushioned Waistband gently fits around your baby’s waist while keeping the diaper in place, without causing any red marks.

3. Your baby is happy!
Sometimes even if my baby was fed and well rested, he would cry and fuss often. I then noticed that between diaper changes, he would calm down and smile more. This was a clear sign that he didn’t approve of his diaper! However, after I shifted to Huggies Premium Soft Pants, I haven’t noticed my baby crying due to an uncomfortable diaper.

Our baby’s comfort is our peace of mind. Let’s make our baby’s most beautiful years happier with the right choices.



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