Uncondition Yourself With Namita

Uncondition Yourself With Namita
In India, there are 26 million births and 15.6 million abortions annually. 10 women die daily due to unsafe abortions. About 50% women don't even know that abortion is legal in India and are exploited because of that. Abortion, whether induced or natural, is a public health and human issue and all women, regardless of race, class and religion, deserve not only access to facilities for safe abortion, but also compassion and empathy from their partners, families, and society. 
In this episode of 'Unconditional Yourself With Namita', watch Namita Thapar in conversation with Dr. Nozer Sheriar, Mrs. Rhea Bulsara and Mrs. Sakshi Gulabani, on removing myths, talking about breaking taboos, and discussing how and why safe abortion needs to be prioritized as a women's health issue.
'Uncondition Yourself With Namita' is a first exclusive talk show where our host talks with the patients, experts and doctors on women's health.


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